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  1. evans965

    Looking To Buy A LDSE500 Laser Driver

    Hi is anyone selling a ldse500 laser driver thanx.
  2. evans965

    Osram PLT5 488NM Diode In DTR 20MM Laser Module With G-2 Lens With Driver + Lots Of Extras

    Hi up for sale is my osram plt5 488nm laser diode with a astral picodrive boost driver set to 100ma i pressed the diode out of a 12mm laser module and for some reason the glass window on the laser diode went inside so i had to decan the diode it still works perfect just dont remove the g-2 glass...
  3. evans965

    Anyone Selling A Micro Boost Driver V1

    Hi is anyone selling a micro boost driver v1 thanx.
  4. evans965

    Looking For A Jayrob CR2 Laser Host With Heatsink

    Hi everyone i am looking for a jayrob cr2 laser host with heatsink to buy these was made years ago someone could still have one they want to sell me i dont need the battery or a diode just the heatsink and laser host thanx.
  5. evans965

    Looking to buy a sharp 473nm/477nm/480nm Laser Diode

    Hi these diodes where avaliable for a while just before sharp released the 488nm laser diodes if anyone has 1 for sale thanx.
  6. evans965

    N465 9MM Laser Diode

    Hi everyone i am looking to buy 1 of the n465 diodes dtr used to sell i was a bit late and he sold out must look the same as in the pic. https://ibb.co/PwCdm1D thanx everyone
  7. evans965

    Looking To Buy An Osram PLT5 488NM 5.6mm Laser Diode

    Hi everyone i am looking to buy an osram plt5 488nm 5.6mm laser diode has anyone got 1 to sell me it must be new thanx.
  8. evans965

    All Brass Host From Lifetime17

    Hi everyone i placed an order from lifetime17 for an all brass host for a 1w 462nm laser diode the work that has been done to the host is amazing everything goes together perfect like it should i love the brass focus adapter shipped fast and well packed cant wait to place more orders lifetime17...
  9. evans965

    I Got Scammed By BeamQ

    Hi everyone i think ive got the right thread to post this here right where do i start i placed an order from beamq with this item https://www.beamq.com/488nm-laser-diode-60mw-p-723.html?zenid=pgccn716si1gqp8ocled7j4p40 I looked at the spec sheet its a nichia so i placed an order for 1 diode...
  10. evans965

    Want To Buy A Micro Flex Drive V5 - From Someone In The UK

    Hi has anyone got a microflex drive v5 they want to sell me it must be new and not used thanx.
  11. evans965

    DTR Missing Order

    Hi everyone i placed an order with dtr on 23rd of april i orderd 4x micro flex drive v5 and 10 v4 12mm copper modules for 5.6mm laser diodes items was in the uk at 5th of may and on the 8th of may it says the items was delivered i have not got any item must of gone to the wrong address or...
  12. evans965

    SOLD! Osram PLT5 488NM Laser Pointer For Sale - Price Drop Now $250

    Hi everyone i am selling my osram plt5 488nm laser pointer it comes built in a jayrob cr2 laser host with a microflex drive at 151ma a g-2 glass lens the battery i use is a engergizer cr2 non rechargeble the color is beautiful the laser comes with a decanned laser diode using the thorlabs decan...
  13. evans965

    317718 I Want My Other Refund Of 75.79 USD Back

    I placed an order with 317718 for 4 laser diodes they did not ship i got a refund for 2 of them but she still did not send me my other 75.79 usd for the other 2 diodes it comes out at £56.61 gbp please refund me.
  14. evans965

    SOLD! Sharp 473/477 Laser For Sale

    Hi everyone i am selling my sharp 473/477 laser i got only selling because i need some cash its in a dtr 20mm copper heatsink i installed a nano laser driver at 350ma the laser takes 1 18650 battery and it comes in a survival laser c6 host with 20mm adapter and g2 lens the laser is in mint...
  15. evans965

    Osram PLT5 488NM 60MW 5.6MM Laser Diode

    Hi everyone i got a osram plt5 488nm 60mw 5.6mm laser diode on the data sheet it says maximum rating of 150ma i dont want to work it at this max rating will 130ma be ok for the diode thanx.