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    Help on pulse laser diodes?

    I am looking to make a low power pulse laser (<500mw), I have found a diode at 400mw when pulsed (Sony SLD3237VF). I just need a circuit design for a pulse laser or some, if anyone knows a guide or such that would be very helpful :)
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    Struggling to put 3.8mm diode in to housing

    I am struggling to put a 3.8mm diode into its housing. My usual approach to putting in diodes is to bash it in with some metal tools however due to the small size of the diode and the static sensitivity of it, i am struggling to get it in without killing the diode. I do own a vice but im not...
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    1.6W Laser Video

    Finally after a few weeks, I got all the videos I wanted and here they are: video
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    My 150mw and 50mw Laser!

    Created a video, burning a match and comparing the LASERs
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    Any 1w diodes?

    does anyone know any 1w laser diodes???
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    First Laser

    Built the driver myself Thank you to LuxorLasers147
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    My Laser Driver Circuit!

    Still unsure what voltage battery i should use.
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    Help with capacitors and Battery voltage?

    So i think i should add a capacitor to my laser in case of voltage spikes. However i really dont know which one i need. I am going to power a 50mw laser with lm317 (i also want to know what volatge should the battery be???). Will a 25v 10uF capcitor be appropriate???
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    Does Anyone know where i can get survival lasers goggles in the UK?

    So i am going to buy a pair of eagle pair survival laser goggles. However i live in the UK and shipping to me cost £11 ($15) which is quite alot. I would like to know if there is anywhere for me to buy this laser goggles in the UK without me have to pay an exorbitant amount of money for...
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    How do i know what resistor i need?

    So to build my driver i am going to use a LM317 and i also need a resistor to connect adjust and Vout however i am unsure how to calculate what resistor i need btw i am using a 50mw 405nm laser diode.
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    First Post, just need some help

    So for my first laser i just want to build a simple <100mw laser and i would also like to build the driver as well because making one without a driver is too easy. Anyway I'm looking for a laser diode in this range however all the listing on ebay (for me) usually have drivers included unless...