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  1. mikeeey

    New host design feeler: GE-X1

    At the very left.. the battery's shadow isn't right. Will that happen in real life?
  2. mikeeey

    D Mag With Custom Head! - Bells and Whistles...

    WOW THAT LOOKS NICE!!!! Ok I am leaning even more towards a stubby Mag with custom head now... Do you match the custom head color to desired base mag color? Also, if I get one of these I plan on drilling a 1/4-20 hole on the underside of the custom head (closest to the base as possible) to...
  3. mikeeey

    S o l d

    Re: FS: 3.4W 450nm for $249 +shipping Sorry but I've come to realize new tires are in fact a good thing! I can't drive my Subaru STi like it was meant to be driven with bald tires now can I?? I'll have to put off a 3W+ blue laser for now...
  4. mikeeey

    S o l d

    Re: FS: 3.5W 450nm for $249 +shipping Oh god..... I have the money... but I need new tires for my car... This is a crucial decision I need to make....
  5. mikeeey

    M-140 foulmist boost burner

    Perhaps I can have a small spacer sleeve machined that threads into the back between the flashlight and tail cap. Unless there's some other reasonably priced 32650 hosts out there you recommend?
  6. mikeeey

    M-140 foulmist boost burner

    It looks like I'm bumping a slightly aged topic here, but I plan on doing a 3W 9mm 445nm build in a Saik host. In that picture with the black battery I assume that's a 32600? Is it at all possible to fit a 32650 (with or without some modifications)? If so, I imagine a 32650 and boost driver...
  7. mikeeey

    SOLD: Wicked Lasers Arctic 445nm 1W

    Re: For Sale: Wicked Lasers Arctic 445nm 1W Well it ended up going for 265.00 shipped, not bad at all I'd say.
  8. mikeeey

    SOLD: Wicked Lasers Arctic 445nm 1W

    Re: For Sale: Wicked Lasers Arctic 445nm 1W Yeah you guys are right, eBay idea is best. I did jump the gun and already list it. I figured immediately after payday for most people and before one other popular listing ends I should get it up. That is one good thing about WickedLasers, their brand...
  9. mikeeey

    SOLD: Wicked Lasers Arctic 445nm 1W

    I actually planned on listing it on eBay, seeing there's currently a listing up right now for one with minimal use, with 10 bids on it at $265.00. There's still 2 days remaining so I imagine the price will increase even further. I'd like to get the most money out of it possible, however I...
  10. mikeeey

    3W Handheld Blue Laser Torching Stuff! *Video Went Viral!*

    Re: 3W Handheld Blue Laser Torching Stuff! *Now on Hackaday.com!!* oh my... I've been gone for some time, but this video has reawakened my burning desire for high powered lasers! Is this just the regular Sirius host or a version that uses TWO 18650's? What Driver are you using?
  11. mikeeey

    jayrob Build Kits, Lenses, and Other Stuff Listed Here!

    My God Jayrob you're still at it! I've always imagined many many years from now I'll have grand kids that will be into lasers just like myself, I'll tell them to check out LPF and order a kit from Jayrob. This speculation isn't too far off from reality, give it another 60 years.
  12. mikeeey

    Randomly recieved a free Arctic in the mail.

    One thing I'm not able to figure out is how to read the battery indicator on the Arctic. Each led flashes differently per mode you're on. At the moment if I have it on low without strobe it says I have 2 out of 3 bars. If I have it on high without strobe I have 1 out of 3 bars, but if I turn on...
  13. mikeeey

    Knives from DX

    I have this one. It's VERY nice. surprising build quality, I really like it.
  14. mikeeey

    Randomly recieved a free Arctic in the mail.

    On a different note, when I compare it to my Spartan it's definitely more purple. my spartan looks BLUE (as if it's equal or greater than it's advertised 447nm), and the Arctic looks like it's below 445nm.
  15. mikeeey

    Randomly recieved a free Arctic in the mail.

    I'm just going to hang onto it. I spent enough extra things on my 1st arctic a year ago that I didn't get my money for, they only refunded the laser itself at the time, no extended warranty or anything. It would be a completely different story if it didn't have my name on the package. I laughed...
  16. mikeeey

    Randomly recieved a free Arctic in the mail.

    Today a package was delivered to me, which required a signature. I hadn't ordered anything and was very confused what it could possibly be, however the package did have it's famaliarness, like it's from China. To my surprise it was a brand new 445nm Arctic from Wicked Lasers. I'm VERY confused...
  17. mikeeey

    Setup help: hooking up 3 inputs to 1 monitor w/ PC speakers

    I'm getting confused just trying to think about this. I begin to think I almost have it and suddenly I'm back to square 1. To make things easy, the computer, Ps3, and 360 will all be using HDMI inputs. I figured I could buy this 3-in-1 HDMI switch box: Amazon.com: Ultra High Performance HDMI...
  18. mikeeey

    Question: Moving Windows to SSD, keeping everything else on HDD?

    Alright. Thanks. I guess I can bare with the extra 2-3 minutes of waiting at the desktop. I need to allow my computer to do a full defrag, but on harddrives that are over 1TB that can take a while..
  19. mikeeey

    Question: Moving Windows to SSD, keeping everything else on HDD?

    I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm trying to find a way to get my computer to boot off of a SSD, preferably making it drive E:. Then I could keep everything else on my 1.5TB HDD (games, music, downloads, etc.) as drive C:, since windows would recognize the games and programs being...
  20. mikeeey

    Funny video on facebook, person doesn't believe the Spartan can burn.

    Lol people arr trying to be discreet about "darker skin absorbing the light easier" But to just come right out and say it, the blacker you are the more the laser is going to hurt.