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  1. J

    LaserBee 2.5 Watt LPM FS

    Sold already, sorry guys
  2. J

    LaserBee 2.5 Watt LPM FS

    Lightly used. Comes with everything needed, even have the original box it was shipped to me in haha. $90 shipped priority mail within the U.S.
  3. J

    JETLASERS GB#5 CLOSED/TAKING PAYMENTS== NOW Its Time to send in your funds!!!

    Re: JETLASERS GB#5 (Feeler) thread- NOW a wanters list thread Fry's is the best store ever. Whenever I go I spend hours there just looking at everything haha
  4. J

    Custom Flamingpyro Focus Adptr on my XL100!

    Ra1nfade seems more than happy with his focus adaptor, why do you keep so strongly voicing your opinion that it should have been polished? Im sure if Ra1nfade wanted it to be polished he would have asked! Many people prefer the rough brushed-metal finish over the chromish-polished finish...
  5. J

    FS : O-like 405, Wickedlasers E2 532 >50w, Pocket Mini Chrome 445 1.1w

    Do you have a power graph of the E2?
  6. J

    FS: 50mw 532nm Lab style w/TTL driver

    Guide to Selling Your Laser on LPF | thelaserpointerhub.com
  7. J

    Custom Flamingpyro Focus Adptr on my XL100!

    :D I agree. I am a big fan of the rough metal look over the polished finsih that seems to be so popular lately... Awesome laser btw! Flaminpyro has some serious machining skills:D
  8. J

    CNI GLP 100mw for sale

    Rammstein check this guide out - Guide to Selling Your Laser on LPF | thelaserpointerhub.com
  9. J

    Buying Li-Ions for my Dad - Safety Concern

    Yeah if you make sure to explain how to handle li ion batteries and if he is anal as you says he is, I think you should be fine!
  10. J

    1w 445nm Stable lab laser

    Be sure to post pics or a review of that unit. Looks interesting!
  11. J

    12x SureFire C3 Build! [Pic Heavy]

    Thats an awesome host. And i love the heatsink design with the driver tray. Awesome work man +rep
  12. J

    445nm 1.5A Solarforce L2P Waterproof

    I really like that host, looks great. Good job man!
  13. J

    Laptop For Sale

    Check out this guide: Guide to Selling Your Laser on LPF | thelaserpointerhub.com Should help even though your not selling a laser... but there is a laser i guess in the laptop haha
  14. J

    Using lasers as a light source for outdoor activity

    Re: using lasers as a light source to outdoor activity Maybe try diffusing the beam on a nearby tree or wall? or use somesort of lens. Your best bet would be to use a flash light though haha
  15. J

    1w 445nm Stable lab laser

    Re: WTB 1w 445nm Stable lab laser I doubt anyone is going to have something like that ready to sell... Your best bet is getting someone to build you one, if you want analog modulation, corrected optics, and a encased module. Try checking out Photonlexicon... They are dedicated more to laser...
  16. J

    new o like laser 3 mW red

    Its kinda expensive for what it is though....
  17. J

    Should i get this 250mw red laser from O-Like?

    heres a review for the new style o-like red laser: 200mw New Style Red Laser | thelaserpointerhub.com o-like lasers tend to be over-spec
  18. J

    Popular Science Phaser Article...

    Nice! Congrats...
  19. J

    40mW 635nm 10440 MXDL Pen

    Wow awesome build. I had an atlas nova 5mw 635nm and I loved the color, 40mws must look awesome. Where did you find these diodes? Could you pm me...
  20. J

    1.6W RL-168 Compact 14500 Host

    Yeah cant wait to see what flaminpyro makes for it!