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  1. TheGreaterWatt

    Wicked Lasers E2 from Laser Chick

    Hey guys, After winning last month's forum donation contest hosted by Laser Chick, I thought it was only fair to do an unboxing thread as a thank you to Laser Chick for hosting the contest. Alright let's get into it! :drool: This is how it arrived: Bubble-wrapped and tightly packed...
  2. TheGreaterWatt

    Mystery Wavelength in PMS/REO Particle Counter Tube

    Hi there, so I got this unit a while back hoping it was a single Brewster tube particle counter. Alas it twas not the case. However I did notice a wavelength in the output that shouldn't have been there. This thread is meant as documentation for anyone looking at particle counters and as...
  3. TheGreaterWatt

    Lumintop 'Silver'fox 685nm build

    Well I have been putting off this build thread long enough and unfortunately I had to post this right after Mattronium's thread and do not wish to steal his thunder at all... :yabbem: I too got my diode from TLS's thread HERE however this is were my build will differ from Mattronium's. I got...
  4. TheGreaterWatt

    For Sale: 445nm >1watt Bench-Top Laser