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  1. Ushan

    For sale- sanwu pocket 445nm 500mw G2 lens

    Sold. Thanks for all who were interested
  2. Ushan

    Jayrob maglite build (my first build)

    First let me thank Jayrob and DTR for putting up with my noobishness and answering my questions :p and for also providing such great products and customer support :D first, here is a video of the two new lasers (2W 445nm M140 and a 700mw 638nm Oclaro) tomorrow i will edit this to add pics, but i...
  3. Ushan

    hey all!!

    hey guys, new member here from louisiana. ive been reading the forums for a while and figured i would finally make an account. current collection- 405nm ebay "5mw" purple uv laser 405nm Sanwu Challenger 2 1w 445nm Thor 1.23w 445nm Sanwu pocket 500mw (delivery in progress) 445nm ebay gatling 1w...