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  1. jamilm9

    I found this bone under my deck

    I found this bone under my deck and was wondering if anyone could identify what animal its from. I'm pretty sure its a femur.
  2. jamilm9

    schematic help

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with this schematic. Pretty much when a light (or laser) is shone into the photo-cell then the relay switches and the leds turn OFF. Otherwise they are ON I created this schematic myself and was wondering if anyone could check it over and make sure it...
  3. jamilm9

    POssible way to make a "light saber"

    Imagine you have a very powerful laser that was hand held. Could the attached image work.
  4. jamilm9

    some help with browsers

    Could someone help me with this. I'm running windows 7. I was using Firefox but it stopped working (just did crash reports) so i switched to opera (which is better imho) but then that stopped working and now i'm on chrome. Anyone know why.
  5. jamilm9

    Free day at sparkfun

    Free Day is January 7th, 2010! You can blame it on Chris Anderson's book Free. After reading his book, I started kicking around the idea of what we can do that's 'free'. Sure, we have free bits (open-source hardware designs, available code, etc.), but we don't have free physical widgets. Now...
  6. jamilm9

    cheapest memory card

    Who do you think has the cheapest memory cards.I'm looking for a 16Gb micro sd. The cheapest i can find is on ebay. 16GB 16G microSD micro SD SDHC TF Memory Card adapter - eBay (item 250492250169 end time Oct-02-09 11:29:35 PDT)
  7. jamilm9

    a cool site called lockerz

    Anyone heard of this place. Welcome to Lockerz All you do is play a game or answer a simple question to get points. Then you can get prizes. Its not one of those big spamming survey sites. I've been there less then a day and i have 25 points. A 32gb ipod touch is 600. If anyone wants a invite pm...
  8. jamilm9

    USA to Canada re shipper

    Would anyone out there be willing to reship some pepper foam and stun guns to Canada from USA for a small fee. I would prefer if i payed the re shipper once with PayPal or Google checkout and they would buy the items and ship it to Canada.
  9. jamilm9

    Canadian dollar

    one US dollar is worth 1.15 Canadian dollars. :drool::drool::drool::yabbem:
  10. jamilm9

    how long can you hold your breath

    how long can you hold your breath for out of water. I can for 1 minute 10 seconds.
  11. jamilm9

    Talk about wierd wheater

    Talk about weird weather it snowed 5 cm today. :san: I live about 400km north of toronto
  12. jamilm9

    cheap stargazer

    look what my brother got from Guelph (he gave it to me) for $15 from Value village http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/lights/8ed4/
  13. jamilm9

    How to find planets?

    I just found out my dad has this 6 inch telescope from 10 years ago does anyone know a program to find out where planets are at any time in the year. Thank you.
  14. jamilm9

    hv questions

    I have got a FREE 12kv 30 ma neon sign transformer. :wave: What type of wire would i want to use with it.
  15. jamilm9

    cheap pocket o-scope

    Digital Storage Oscilloscope with Panels [TOL106C3M] - $49.00 : Seeed Studio Depot, Arsenal for interaction engineering there is also a kit but it needs smd soldering. EDIT: The o-scope has been tested and is working fine. It also comes preprogramed.
  16. jamilm9

    hacking site so fun

    this site http://www.hackthissite.org/ is so fun anyone try it. I'm on mission 7 basic but i skipped 3 because i couldn't get it. what mission are you on.
  17. jamilm9

    broken bone

    yesterday i did a Ollie on a skate board but fell onto some pavement and broke my left arm.
  18. jamilm9

    is my screen always going to look like this

    Randomly yesterday my screen turned from regular dark shadow to this.
  19. jamilm9

    britney spears

    look what i found using stumble upon http://britneyspears.ac/lasers.htm
  20. jamilm9

    Hard drive problems

    I am switching to another hard drive because the one i have right now has 40mb left on it. I have to format the drive but each time i try to half way through it fails. Any idea why? btw i have vista