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  1. DJZ

    Florida Laser Enthusiast Meeting, May 25th and 26th

    Hi all, there will be a Florida Laser meet (FLEM) next weekend in Tavares, FL. This is an event that is similar to SELEM but MUCH smaller with a very small venue. There will be plenty of laser shows and shop talk. All laser freaks are invited to attend! For more information you can send me a PM...
  2. DJZ

    Convert a red HeNe to yellow

    I've always wanted to play around with HeNe optics to see if I could get something other than red from one. I recently noticed that Sam G. sells HeNe optics of various colors on eBay so I figured I'd give it a shot. I ordered up a set of yellow HeNe optics and spent hours trying to get yellow...
  3. DJZ

    Disruption of Amplification

    I figured some of you pointer guys might get a kick out of this: 6khJLEGizdo
  4. DJZ

    FLEM March 4th/5th

    I haven't seen a post about this here so I thought I'd just throw this out there, the Florida Laser Enthusiast Meet is March 4th/5th in Tavares, FL. This is a 2 day event, much smaller than SELEM. Feel free to PM for further details. In the mean time, here's a sweet abstract for your viewing...
  5. DJZ

    FLEM April 3rd/4th

    In case you haven't seen the thread on the other forum, the Florida Laser Enthusiasts Meeting (FLEM) is going to happen on April 3rd and 4th in Tavares, FL. This is a very informal event in a very small venue. We typically have around 15-30 folks show up at the FLEM events. Hope to see some new...
  6. DJZ


    Some abstracts for your viewing enjoyment.
  7. DJZ

    Analog Abstracts

    If I'm not mistaken, there's a number of folks here that use sound card dacs? If so, I uploaded a flac file (compressed wave) that you're welcome to have. It's about 7 minutes of changing color modulation on an abstract. Swamidog was kind enough to record it...
  8. DJZ

    Selem 2014

    Hi All, just a reminder to anyone interested in attending SELEM. You have 10 more days before the entrance fee jumps from $75 to $100. The entrace fee covers 4 days of the event, plus a shirt with the SELEM logo. If you're not sure what SELEM is, it's the 8th annual get together of laserist at...
  9. DJZ

    FS: multiline argon and yellow pointer

    Hi all, I have a couple lasers that I'm willing to let go: **Available**1st up, Laser Physics Reliant - This is a multiline aircooled argon laser that runs on 110VAC. I did meter this laser last year at SELEM and it was putting out around 105mW and 7 lines at full current. This is the model...
  10. DJZ

    Scratch aligning an ION laser

    Ever wonder how to scratch align an ion laser? I threw together a video that might be helpful. Enjoy! How to align your gas laser from scratch - YouTube
  11. DJZ

    Lexel Ion Laser Optics

    By any chance, does anyone have a set of lexel optics floating around? Maybe from a dead Lexel 95 or 85? Looking for a multiline set.
  12. DJZ

    Florida Laser Enthusiast Meeting

    The next FLEM will be on March 1st in Tavares, FL. Mark your calendars!
  13. DJZ

    Laser Physics Reliant teardown

    Tore apart a 1W Laser Physics Reliant for repair, thought I'd grab a couple pics while it's in pieces. I'd say just a little bit of current has flowed thru that one connector on the board![/sarcasm]
  14. DJZ


    This is an old school way of doing color modulation. Just to the left is a set of scanners, one to move the beam to the side so that it gets blocked after the prisms and before the X/Y scanners (blanking), the other scanner is to sweep the beam up and down on the prism (color modulation). Just...
  15. DJZ

    Abstracts, the old school way!

    Video of the output of an old school analong console - YouTube Video of an old analog console I picked up. It's like a set of motors/mirrors on steroids.
  16. DJZ

    Silly laser diodes...

    I'm in an anti-laser diode mood so I threw this video together purely for your viewing pleasure! Laser diodes are silly... - YouTube
  17. DJZ

    Florida Laser Enthusiast Meeting (3/31/2012)

    Hi all, just want to put the word out that we will be having another FLEM on 3/31/2012 in Tavares, FL (just outside of Orlando, FL). If you enjoy lasers then you are welcome to attend! There will be loud music so earplugs are recommended. There will be tons of laser shows and plenty of time to...
  18. DJZ

    CNI yellow laser pointers for sale

    Hi all, ok, I picked up a dead CNI 589nm pointer here on LPF a few weeks ago. I took it apart and played around with it for a while and threw it back together. Was never able to get yellow out of it. Not sure of it's warranty status or even if it would be repaired by CNI since it was taken...
  19. DJZ

    Trying to resurrect a CNI 589nm pointer.

    Hi all, ok, I purchased this pointer here about a week or two ago. I knew full well that it was dead but was looking for a challenge. I've got the thing disassembled down to the driver and pump diode. I'm suspecting that there is an issue with either the pump diode or the driver. Being a 589nm...
  20. DJZ

    CNI GLP-589 noob review

    Some time ago I saw a guy at SELEM with a 593.5nm pointer and just couldn't believe it. I've owned a yellow HeNe and a Krypton that put out yellow in the past and to see this in a pointer, that was just cool. I waited a while to see if the prices would come down and I'm glad I did, not only did...