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  1. Xer0

    Module from NewWish Pointer in other Host?

    Is it possbile to rip them apart and put into an other 12mm pen host? to be exact, that: 50mW 450nm laser pen /single mode/round dot [OL-450-50P] - $82.00 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce into that: http://laserpointerforums.com/f64/fs-new-pen-host-kits-switch-board-spring-option-nice-22561.html
  2. Xer0

    [WTB] Osram 450nm in 12mm housing (or complete Pen)

    I dont have a diode press, so i need an already pressed module. Alternativly, if someone could build a complete pointer, i would pay the work This are the parts i wanted to get: jayrob's black one or other elegant pen style host single-mode 450nm diode suitable boost driver working with 3V...
  3. Xer0

    What is best for engraving?

    I want to build a small CNC laser engraving machine for various materials mostly colored plastics, but wood leather and brighter paper too. So what would you recommend? 808nm? 445, 405? it shoulda be not expensive, fit in a AiXiZ and be good to focus on a round dot...
  4. Xer0

    pass-445nm Dichros

    Guys, before the C@sio era we all were using RGB dichros in G-R-B order, green was the most visable, so losses were acceptable, violet came last. now with 445nm there is so much of blue that it's a pity wasting green and red before it... Are there any good and cheap dichros allowing to use...
  5. Xer0

    Happy 405 Day!

    04/05/2011 my Thanksgivings goes to: Sanyo, Nichia, Sharp for inventing the diodes Sony for first putting them in the PS3 Microsoft for dumping all theid HD-DVD drives All the bluray-burner makers step for step making us be at 12x now the great community making all that possible and kipkay...
  6. Xer0

    Laser X-Mas Tree

    No one here putting his presents under an ILDA Projection? Pix please if someone has !! :D
  7. Xer0

    Boblaser sells 445nm... but what diode?

    Bob (boblaser.com) sent me a mail, that they now have 445nm Pointers (in AAA hosts too with boost driver) which range from 20-100mW and on the wep page they are advertised with 1-200mW and a TEM00 mode :confused: Due to this spec i question, if this could be the "weaker" 50mW Nichia Diode...
  8. Xer0

    Heatsink Compilation

    Folks! just from curiosity i wanted to encourage you to post pictures and - if it can be bought somewhere, the info where to get - of things you use/used for your 445nm "Casioblues" ! Maybe this can helb some new users to MacGyver something too I plan to use this with a 12mm hole: 4 Aluminium...
  9. Xer0

    O-Like Br Driver for lowpower 445nm?

    http://omf.gd/bsp Will it be suitable at driving an Casio Diode with low current? As it can output 250mA and the Threshold is around 200mA But it's output voltage is 4.8V - do i need a Diode for drop to 4?
  10. Xer0

    sound controlled Spiro?

    Hey guys. We are throwing a party overnext week, and my mate asks if i could do some laser fx. my idea was a RGB spiro. have LCC red and a 100mW (or 50?) green from Susie here, considering to order 445nm. it should be projected on the ceiling of an rather high stone monument where we do our...
  11. Xer0

    Who here sells 445nm Diodes from EU?

    I know the most here are in US, from there the shipping could take weeks to Germany. someone here in Europe, fe UK?
  12. Xer0

    "safe" pulse energy

    Im not into that complicated calculations that define when an eye exposed to a laser can get damaged. so as i am plannig to build a PWM for throttling down an 445 for pointer-reasonable uses, i search for an easy formula to calcuate an "eye-safe" setting. eye-safe in the case, that the eye is...
  13. Xer0

    [WTB] <50mW 445nm Pointer

    Hi guys! To the pen pros here: Im in search for a low-power 445 build. I know it has so low power just about threshold and is hard to keep there, but maybe with some tricks (acrylic lens, filter etc) you could build be one near as bright as 5mW 523? Anyway i will take anything below stable...
  14. Xer0

    Quick Diode Test without driver?

    As these can take up to 2A without instantly dieing; can you recommend me a kind of Battery which i can use to quickly (for a very short pulse to see if its working) so they dont overheat. I just want to test the harvested diodes fast, dont have a good driver here atm. some Button/Lithium cells...
  15. Xer0

    Low Power Usage?

    Im always reading here about the Laser' behaviour at the Threshold current. that it can jump from LED to dangerous in just smallest turns of the pot. and even badder, with rising temperature it drifts. Is there actually a chance to make this Diode stable at low powers? I want a reasonable...
  16. Xer0

    445 into a NewWish Host?

    I still have one of these cheapo ebay bluray pens extra, the ones that goes 30-50mW for 10 bucks, you know. Can i press out the 405 diode and put the 445nm into? are they pinout compatible? For the 35mW these pens usualy prooved, the resultiing power of the blue should be at a reasonable...
  17. Xer0

    Microvision SHOWX Laserbeamer

    Hey Folks. just got a Mail form Microvision that they start selling their Projector a limited time for "VIPs" only. i feel very flattered, but im not in the US, so i want to share it with you! Beamer: Microvision :: Pico Projectors :: Projectors :: SHOWWX™ Laser Pico Projector VGA Dock...
  18. Xer0

    WTB Correction-Amp from Europe!

    Hey Guys! I ordered a complete Scanner now which will arrive next week. And i have the 5.1ch SoundBox. So i need urgently the correction board to start with shows as soon as possible! Can anyone from UK or other near-to-Germany EU Countries build me one please? I need just the Basic XYRGB...
  19. Xer0

    I just engraved Retardoface.

    And what did you? // Yes it helps a lot for the camera to light it with expanded 405nm goodness. Hard to match the perfect reflection angle to see it in daylight how you can do with your eyes.
  20. Xer0

    Laserpointers for Satfinding!

    Today i just found out another nice "not-freaky" use for Lasers: Sattelite Dishpointing! As our DVB-C Receiver died recently, and we are thinking about swtichting to DVB-S2, i am doing the job to find if and which Orbiter we can receive from our ground apartment terrasse. With the Gmaps based...