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    Survival Laser Open Thread

    You're asking for a lot for a "DIY" device. You're basically asking for a whole engineering project lol Maybe it's time to learn how to program and do some design work? :)
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    Survival Laser Open Thread

    Thank you for having taken the lead and started this business and made it possible and straightforward to buy components for the laser hobby. You really are one of a kind in the USA. Your customer service is excellent and so are your products. While I do understand that you're a small operation...
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    Looking to buy a Dragon Lasers 50mw 589nm Spartan

    yeah well good luck with that. It’s a matter of supply and demand. supply is extremely limited and most owners—unless they need the money — will not want to sell, especially not for cheap. I know I wouldn’t sell my 589mW pointer for anywhere near $250. But like I said, it’s possible and it could...
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    Looking to buy a Dragon Lasers 50mw 589nm Spartan

    to be honest it might be rough to find any yellow laser at $250 unless someone really needs the money, now that seemingly nobody except Laserglow sell them, and for like $600bucks :( But you never know! One could pop up tomorrow
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    Looking to buy a Dragon Lasers 50mw 589nm Spartan

    I was a bit strapped for cash at the time, and now that I'm back to full force It was disappointing to see that DL no longer sells the 50mW Spartan, or any hand held laser for that matter. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone in the future parts with theirs (of course, after XM gets his ;) ) At...
  6. beam focus.jpg

    beam focus.jpg

  7. lens from above without cap sm.jpg

    lens from above without cap sm.jpg

  8. 589 nm

    589 nm

  9. 589 nm laser dot 2.jpg

    589 nm laser dot 2.jpg

  10. 589 nm laser dot.jpg

    589 nm laser dot.jpg

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    WTB - 2W+ Green / 7W+ Blue

    You shouldn't be upset about the community asking for something as simple as an introduction. Its just so we can maintain a good community of people that we all can be somewhat familiar with. You would also be surprised of how much spam shows up here from anonymous users, so most of us would at...
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    FS: [SOLD] Dragon Lasers 589 nm, 50 mW Spartan hand-held

    I did not. I didn't want to screw it up and decided that it was good enough as it was, so I left it alone. Let me know !
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    FS: [SOLD] Dragon Lasers 589 nm, 50 mW Spartan hand-held

    Yeah it sucks. Its several factors, but the medical is the factor that has impacted the most, recently. But it's cool, I'm sure I'll find another 589 in the near future. As for the racecar, I called it that to emphasize that I'm not selling my sole mode of transportation, but more of a fun...
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    FS: [SOLD] Dragon Lasers 589 nm, 50 mW Spartan hand-held

    Thanks! One of those is a 90 degree prism, the other two are different sizes of what I wasn't too sure of (they unfortunately came unlabeled in a kit). I though they were retro reflectors of some kind (even though I'm clearly not using them that way in the picture), but I now that you mention...
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    FS: [SOLD] Dragon Lasers 589 nm, 50 mW Spartan hand-held

    Thank you! it is indeed beautiful. I definitely wouldn't be surprised if it was way over-spec. It's a shame I have to sell my treasures, but that's just the way life goes sometimes I guess. Hopefully I'll be able to get another one later on.
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    Hello All

    Welcome! Enjoy the forum. It holds a vast wealth of information. Learning to put your own lasers together is a very rewarding experience, and you can get more and more technical as you gain knowledge. I've learned to put my own units together, so now the next step is to learn to build my own...
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    FS: [SOLD] Dragon Lasers 589 nm, 50 mW Spartan hand-held

    Status: *SOLD* This beauty is one of my favorite lasers, and it hurts to let it go. Its incredible to see this tight yellow beam produced from such a small host, almost surreal. Who knows how long hand held lasers like these will continue to be produced, and right now CNI seems to be the only...
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    **UPDATED:- )__FEELER FOR DFWTEXLEM in Oct2019 cancelled ****THE LEM Thread......SELEM, TEXLEM..any LEM--

    Do I need to keep up with this thread to find out about the next meet? I'd love to be at the next one! I live in Houston, and willing to travel to DFW :)
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    Laser light & beautiful fractals

    That's awesome. I saw this and it blows my mind how complex our universe really is. I wonder what kind of knowledge and technologies will be based on this very discovery, in the future.