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    Moved to a better place

    Moved to a better place
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    I wanted to thank a couple member for being the asshole that we all knew you we're. There is nothing nicer or more mature than to attack a guy when they are down and many of you didn't shy away from proving it. Even have guys that have no beef taking shots! we got some real dicks here that's...
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    Strike 3 I'm out !

    The time to say goodbye has come again. Just can't seem to wrap my head around this forum sometimes. Watching members make mistakes and not correcting them just rubs me wrong. Watching the rest of the forum embrace it justifies moving on maybe for good. My input and money is no longer needed...
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    Large sale- lasers, hosts, optics, heatsinks, and more

    well I got the shaft again. People after me get the "gotcha" reply and I get a PM saying the item you want I'm selling to someone else. Why did you tell me I could buy it then pull the rug? LPF at it's finest once again. Oh and I'll get attacked neg repped and then the mods will jump in and...
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    Large sale- lasers, hosts, optics, heatsinks, and more

    I will take Ehgemus side clicky host, 1x18650 case negative, Mits 638nm P73, X drive @1A (I think...). G lens: $45 and NDB7875 445nm 3W diode in copper module w/ Aixiz G lens and leads (brand new): $35 and 532nm module: free with any other diode
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    LPF's Presidential Candidate Vote USA

    Planters wow!!! No need to get butt hurt. I'm not arguing just stating my opinion there is no need to get upset and start acting childish. Sorry I didn't see the specific question you wanted answered in your paragraph of crying and I was offline for some time. Sorry I cannot (obviously lol)...
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    LPF's Presidential Candidate Vote USA

    Sorry planters I did not make the picture I posted. I only did because of the accurate description of trump in both. I come from a family of politics also and have never missed voting day. I can say for sure trump will not or ever be president and also can tell you it's gonna be a democrat...
  8. starlight

    LPF's Presidential Candidate Vote USA

    nah nothing at all lol Who's up for bankruptcy?
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    DL 589nm 5mW: Aurora vs Spartan

    Have I ever shown you my 589nm Spartan pics :) ? Never get tired of looking at this picture. it is my Spartan 589nm going through one of Dragon Lasers Diffraction Grating Transmission Beam Fans (lots of fog was also used). I highly recommend picking one up when you order your laser. 5...
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    Re: FS: Brand new Ophir thermal sensor for accurate LPM! Thank You ARG :bowdown:
  11. starlight

    Anyone near Jacksonville, FL with a lpm?

  12. starlight

    CNI Group Buy.

    Re: CNI PGL-V-H-532 500mW Feeler. I'll buy one if they are complete ready to go plug and play units
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    Re: FS: Brand new Ophir sensor and Jetlasers 50mW 473nm Any chance you can explain to someone clueless. I have a Ophir and always wanted data logging but no idea where to start. For now I video record my LPM tests as a way to remember the peak power etc. Sucks but only way I know how...
  14. starlight

    Science Fair

    Surplus Shed is great for cheap priced optics
  15. starlight

    DL 589nm 5mW: Aurora vs Spartan

    CNI does not call the host a Spartan but do make it. Look at CNI site and check their 447 handheld you'll see the spartan host but call it a PGL III M
  16. starlight

    DL 589nm 5mW: Aurora vs Spartan

    the Spartan 589nm can and has run for 30 minutes and will not overheat...see thread below http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/dragonlasers-spartan-50mw-589nm-91535.html
  17. starlight

    Sci-Fi lasers 1w 520 nm review

    toss up if you ask me
  18. starlight

    UV glow ink

    um yeah you can say that again. Spilled some on my kitchen table 3 nights ago and I cleaned it all up but with blacklight it can still be seen in all the cracks, dents, dings it's a high traffic wood table so many imperfections over the years. Cool thing I'm the only one that knows it's there...
  19. starlight

    UV glow ink

    I have obtained a jar of glow ink and was wondering if you guys had any cool ideas. I know we have glow powder and many use it since it glows without the aid of UV light but what kinda uses can we come up with for glow ink. The intended purpose for the ink is automotive companies use it for...
  20. starlight

    For Sale: collection of different lasers and accessories.

    Well well well I tested this laser with 6 year old batteries and shouldn't have. Bought brand new batteries last week and ran a new test today. Hahaha this WL 808nm laser peaked at 598mW and sat stable between 580-590mW forever. It took probably 2 minutes to hit it's peak but I'm happy as can...