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  1. Fortyfive


    Like new, perfect condition, not a scratch on either lens. Included: Glasses, Pouch, and Case. Price: $35 Shipped (US) USPS First Class - With Delivery Confirmation As title states and picture shows, these protect against 200-380nm & 610-760nm. Great for RED Lasers These are OD4+...
  2. Fortyfive


    Hey guys, I haven't been on in some time. Not enough time or money to enjoy the hobby like I used to. Sadly Im selling off some of my most prized lasers. First up For Sale: CNI-GLP 473nm 15mW Avg / 20mW Peak One of my favorite photos, 473 is the wavelength next to 532 Green Sold my 473...
  3. Fortyfive

    Hellllllo LPF

    Hey guy's, Its been a while. No internet for sometime has kept me away. It's back on and once again Im on the forums again. Hope everyone is doing great, I can't wait to see whats new around here and in the hobby!! -Greg
  4. Fortyfive

    G Fourty's Exotic Wavelength Sale 589,473, & 405 (Price Drop) 01/20/2012

    Hey guys and girls, today is a sad day.. As Im going to sell off most of my laser collection. A note about me and my collection. I take care of things extremely well. Especially my lasers.. All are stored in a locked case with humidity kept in check. I use the same thing a guitarist would use to...
  5. Fortyfive

    FS: CNI GLP-589nm 16mW Peak

    OK guys kills me to sell it but I have to take care of some things that are causing me to sell off most of my lasers. In this thread Im going to sell my most unique and prized laser. The 589nm GLP made by CNI. I have a very solid and stable unit despite most not being as fortunate. I bought...
  6. Fortyfive

    FS: 2x SAIK SA-105 Host's - Blue Metallic ONLY $10 Shipped!

    I bought a couple of these to attempt my first DIY laser build. I loved the color and design of the host, in the stock picture it looks more blue then in the flesh. In person its more of a metallic blue color. Never the less I need $ and do not have the time to build right now so Im selling...
  7. Fortyfive

    Fs: 2x 18650 / 2x 14250 / 2x 15270 & chgr

    Pices below.. 2x Sony 18650 = $10 Shipped 2x 14250 = $5 Shipped 2x 15270 & = $10 Shipped Charger Nano Chinese battery charger = $4 Shipped US Only - IDK how I have these priced.. Im sure Ill find out once I post this. Thanks, -Greg
  8. Fortyfive

    *sold* 200mW RED Adjustable New Style Dilda

    No elaborate post here.. Everyone knows about this laser. Excellent inexpensive red, includes laser, case, batteries and charger. It is in brand new condition, if you buy and think other-wise ship it on back and I'll gladly refund you. o-like: $45.99 + $8.00 Shipping (longer shipping wait) =...
  9. Fortyfive

    FS: CNI GLP-594 *Yellow**SOLD & SHIPPED!!*

    - For Sale - Beam Comparison: 16mW pk 589nm Left / 594nm right sG4EMcfvUB0 Info: Many of you have seen this laser before. I made the thread Cold stickied in the Blue, Yellow, & Other Colored Lasers section of the forum. This is the laser that was used in the 589 - 594 wavelength...
  10. Fortyfive

    CNI GLP-561 - New Wavelength - *PRICE UPDATE*

    I was searching around online and stumbled upon a website called handylaser.com, a CNI laser distributor. When I got to the green section I found this.. Link: green yellow laser pointer at 561nm, green laser pointer pen *UPDATE* I have since contacted and received a price from CNI.. 1x...
  11. Fortyfive

    Awesome Mini Tripod with clamp Mount <$5.50 shipped

    Just thought I'd share.. :beer: Best deal I could find on the two combined!! Universal Mini 7-inch Metallic Stand Tripod for Camera - eBay (item 110695396245 end time Jun-30-11 18:44:15 PDT) $2.71 - Universal Clamp Mount for Tripods (Holds up to 3.8cm Thick Objects) - Photo & Camera Use...
  12. Fortyfive

    Questions about an LPM in my area.. Help?

    Hey guys Im not sure where to post this but Ive been in the market for an LPM for some time now. Most likely Im going to buy a Laserbee for various reason's but I found an LPM in my area that is claimed to work and includes the photo sensor. I can get it pretty cheap at 75$ obo and I may go look...
  13. Fortyfive

    WTB: 5-25mW CNI GLP-532

    I Want to buy: 5-25mW CNI GLP-532 (green) Thanks!
  14. Fortyfive

    589nm vs. 594nm Yellow Wavelength Comparison

    10mW 589nm vs. 3mW 594nm I recently received my shiny new CNI GLP-589 (Review Soon) and decided I would take a few pictures tonight. I have wanted to compare the wavelengths side by side to see if there was a noticeable difference for some time. The GLP-589 averages 10-13mW and peaks at 16mW. I...
  15. Fortyfive

    WTB: 10-20mW 532nm CNI GLP

    Pretty much what the title says, I'd like to buy a CNI classic black / gold host 532nm laser thats around 10-20mW. Thanks in advance, -Greg
  16. Fortyfive

    FS: 865mW 445nm in Stainless Cree Host /w 18650 & Charger

    For sale 865mW 445nm in a beautiful stainless cree host along with a brand new ultrafire battery and charger. The laser was built by RDTech over the summer, and honestly it hasn't been used at all. I had to wait for around a week to get the 18650 and charger, then I needed to order safety...
  17. Fortyfive

    CNI GLP-635 - New Wish Host?

    I recently contacted CNI about purchasing the 5mW 635nm from them. Im not sure why but it comes in a new wish host which for me totally defeats the purpose for me and is disappointing to say the least. I would like to get it in the CR2 or AAA classic black and gold host.. This seems to be the...
  18. Fortyfive

    WTB: 1st Gen Wicked Lasers Pulsar - *PICS* -

    I want to buy the first generation WL Silver Pulsar, I would love to have this laser so PM me if you have one. I don't care if it works or not I'll make an offer (generous). A picture of it is listed below. Thanks, -Greg
  19. Fortyfive

    Review: CNI 473nm Pen / Scopeguy20's GB

    I took some time to put a review together of my new 473nm CNI Pen, but also wanted to offer a review of my first experience with Glenn a.k.a Scopeguy20 here on LPF. I say first experience because there is no doubt we will do business again as long as he is running this group buy. I don't think...
  20. Fortyfive

    Anyone Remember Gadgeteer?

    Im just curious, if anyone knows the story behind J.D Patterson, AKA Gadgeteer. He was a highly valuable member of Laser Community and other forums before Laser Community changed. I know he went away but I was just curious if anyone has info, or knows when we could see him again. I developed...