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  1. nikooo777

    Carrying a laser - my experience

    i have to agree with you here :) thanks for the good words! Niko Oh you're so right there! I grew up studying electronics and messing with it, and sometimes I'm surprised i'm still 100% intact hahaha. Hey Rich, The switch itself is perfectly fine, it works. These jumper cables are an...
  2. nikooo777

    Carrying a laser - my experience

    Hey guys, So last month I wanted to show my laser to a couple of friends and had to carry it in my bag. In order to avoid it bouncing left and right I enclosed it in a case for laser goggles almost certain that there would be no way for the laser to turn on by itself. Well, let me tell you...
  3. nikooo777

    Switzerland laserpointer ban

    oh hell.. it's not going to stop... Ticinonline - «I puntatori laser dovrebbero essere vietati» Will this ban also affect the sales of diodes? This sucks so much... I can't blame them tho, it's full of stupid people pointing lasers at aircrafts, trams, buses, cars...
  4. nikooo777

    Is it me or the lens?

    Is there some trick or hack known here at LPF to actually avoid this issue at all? I have this issue often as well and i find it frustrating to take out the element to just screw the ring in properly again...
  5. nikooo777

    Ever set anything on fire... unintentionally?

    today while recording a video I accidentally burned a shelf from 5 meters away. It left a pretty nasty mark on it.
  6. nikooo777

    my SAIK-Modded build (owned since 2013) [Picture Heavy]

    Thank you :) yes I am well aware. I stated my reasons as PS in the the first post, however if I have enough time, I will resize and re-upload them all. it's 4am here so I will now sleep
  7. nikooo777

    my SAIK-Modded build (owned since 2013) [Picture Heavy]

    Hey guys! I don't really post much in here, however I feel like I should share my experience once for all. Back in 2013 I went for 3 months in the USA (Utah) and I took the chance of buying a 445nm diode and a nice host (you already guessed which one from the title) here is the bad boy...
  8. nikooo777

    Post your random pics!

    this is not exactly a picture but it well describes new laser owners :p (is it working?) https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=805943376205220&set=vb.175750359224528&type=2&theater
  9. nikooo777

    Anonymous Poll: Do You Wear Safety Glasses Inside?

    I actually "voted Inside, Outside, Summer, Winter, Day & Night" and I'll explain you why. I have this ~2W 445 nm handheld laser and I know that one single reflection or direct hit will burn my retina. Therefore when I operate such a powerful laser I make sure to ALWAYS wear goggles when pushing...
  10. nikooo777

    Check this idiot out

    Thanks for the tip. Yeah. They are lucky they didn't damage their retina (YET). I ordered 6 of those diodes. let's see what they can do :)
  11. nikooo777

    Check this idiot out

    Hey guys, I was on a rampage buying diodes and while googleing for this red diode i found this video on youtube: direct link to yt It is crazy how those guys play with this 300+mW laser without laser protection with every kind of things that could reflect back into his eye. At 2:20+ you...
  12. nikooo777

    i took the picture out of the internet but i own a plasma ball for real. but i'd say plasma...

    i took the picture out of the internet but i own a plasma ball for real. but i'd say plasma with care because it's more like a spark in the void or sort of gas contained in there. Kinda cool tho to play with
  13. nikooo777

    Which languages do you speak?

    My motherlanguage is a dialect of italian, i learned italian at the age of 3 and that became pretty much my official motherlanguage as dialect is not recognizes as such. Then i learned french which i really improved in the army and german (from school). English came with both school and...
  14. nikooo777

    OK? on my first build?

    Ohh thanks god, makes me feel way better :) Do you mind sharing the ones you're using?
  15. nikooo777

    OK? on my first build?

    Sorry to step in but i've read the whole thread and seen the products you want to buy, yet i wonder why nobody told you that you miss the most important thing in the whole project... Safety goggles! You are planning to work with a 1+ Watts laser diode and operating it without proper safety...
  16. nikooo777

    Red beam, question i can't answer myself

    thank you very much! that explains it very well :) +rep for you
  17. nikooo777

    Red beam, question i can't answer myself

    Hello people, first of all sorry if this question was already asked but i couldn't find anything either on google or with the search button, maybe it's because i also can't express myself well. anyway my question is quite singolar, i've been asking myself for quite long time why is the red light...
  18. nikooo777

    Duty cycle to get more power?

    interesting! thanks for the replies and for the datasheet! i'll be quick as i'm tired. @jerry: you are absolutely right, half second on and half second off will be like hammering it. my teacher told me some ns would be good, but atm i am thinking that the turn on time could ruin this. i asked...
  19. nikooo777

    Duty cycle to get more power?

    hello, thanks for all your answers, actually i don't exactly want to do this with my lovely red 20X harvested laser but it was just an idea that this teacher gave me. now, somebody said it would be useless, actually it shouldn't (so stated my techer which is engineer in electronics [hopefully...
  20. nikooo777

    Duty cycle to get more power?

    Hello, i was talking this morning with a teacher and he suggested me to overpower a laser using a short duty cycle like shown in the picture. do you guys think this won't kill a laser diode? pratically a duty cycle of 50% at a frequency of 100Hz (10ms) using a current of 200mA would result in...