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  1. InfinitiLasers

    NEWS : Regarding changes in design and stock of Equality Series

    Hey there guys, I just got a word from my contact in JetLasers about the following two points. 1. Future Equality Series lasers will be offered as FIXED FOCUS 2. Equality Series Lasers will be DISCONTINUED after current stock is used up. So grab yours while stock lasts!!! Hehe and a little...
  2. InfinitiLasers

    InfinitiLasers LPF DISCOUNT Thread - Write Reviews and Get 10% Discount

    Hey there guys, Check out these special discounts I have exclusively for LPF members :san: THE EQUALITY SERIES (Branded as Artemis Series) (Fixed Focus) 405nm 300mW : Website for $225 On LPF for $200 445nm 1W : Website for $225 On LPF for $200 445nm 2W : Website for $300 On LPF for $275...
  3. InfinitiLasers

    New Lasers Store, Please Come In :)

    Hello guys this is Edwin. I have started a laser store on the web here : InfinitiLasers Store There will be special prices for LPF members YAY!:wave: I know there many have been many scammers in this forum, but I am not, I swear to god. I am just here trying to offer you guys quality lasers...