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    New single mode 520nm diode from Sharp

    Hi all, just found this and want to share it with you: https://www.reddit.com/r/MVIS/comments/8rkboa/sharp_increases_green_laser_output_4x_targets_ai/ It is the 520nm diode that was on Sharps website for ages, and marked as "under development". It will output 130mW (this is the spec from the...
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    Looking for a high voltage current supply (~20mA)

    Hi, I am looking for a high voltage current supply that can supply up to 20mA at 600V-1000V. It is meant to power a hollow cathode lamp. Up to now I could not find a supply that with the ab. specs for under 1500$ (new though). If somebody knows a source that offers such a supply in working...
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    FS: Sharps "505nm" diodes from various batches. (All wl measured)

    Hi, I am selling the following "505nm" diodes from sharp: SB217HL91 : 505.0nm (sold to Zom-B) and 504.0nm (sold to 317718) SB217HN91 : 505.0nm (sold to 317718) and 506.0nm (bought privately ) these four diodes are from the newest batch SB1573N91 : 503.5nm (sold to Alaskan) I am asking...
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    Looking for Nichias NDB4216 and their other single mode diodes

    Hi, I am planning to buy some NDB4216 455nm diodes from Nichia. Also their other single mode diodes from 470-510nm seem great. Is there a reliable reseller other then nichia themself (They have crazy prices if you need just 2 or 3 instead a whole batch) Singlemode
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    WTB: Osram PLT5 450B with a WL > 458nm

    Hi I am looking for the Osram PLT5 450B diodes with a measured WL > 458nm at the nominal operating current. Alternatively also the Sharp GH04580A2G. Number: 1-10x Singlemode