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  1. dustmite

    FS: 3" x 2" Neodymium Cylinder N45 Grade (Pull Force of 645 lbs+)SOLD!

    MAGNET SAFETY, CLICK HERE AND READ BEFORE CONSIDERING BUYING Purchased from applied magnets online, all coating still on the magnet, majority of the time i had the magnet covered in multiple layers of black electrical tape to prevent dings and dents or scratches on the coating. This doesnt get...
  2. dustmite

    Large neodymium magnet interest?

    I have a ridiculously large neodymium magnet that ide like to sell because its too dangerous to have sitting around. Its a 3" x 2" with 645lb pull force. cPath_11 | products_id_170 | Strong Industrial Magnets 3 in x 2 in N45 Rare Earth Neodymium Disc - Applied Magnets & WindMax Wind Turbines...
  3. dustmite


    Sold! Asking $200. Originally a build by Daguin with a m140 diode but i swapped out for a 9mm diode driven at 2.25A with an output of roughly 2.5w using the G9 lens that came with the diode. Takes 2 18650 batterys.
  4. dustmite

    FS: 800mW 405nm (16X BDR-209) in SAIK SA-305 Host! (SOLD!)

    SOLD AND SHIPPED!! Asking $165 for this beauty! Up for grabs is a 16X BDR-209 405nm Diode In Copper Module W/Driver & 405-G-2 Glass Lens From DTR's excellent shop, loaded into this massive heatsink with arctic silver, inside a SAIK SA-305 host, the battery tube is machined out to allow the use...
  5. dustmite

    FS: 638nm 193mW (Opnext HL63603TG In Ozark Trails Host)

    Price lowered to $85 shipping included!! Beautiful glowing orangish red kickin 193mW with a 3-element lens ^^ Diode: Opnext 120mW Single Mode 638 Diode (HL63603TG) in copper module from DTR. Host: http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/ozark-trail-2-piece-aluminum-flashlight-walmart-86554.html...
  6. dustmite

    Balloon Pop Test Using 16X BDR-209DBK (405nm x 870mW)

    This was one curiosity of mine about distance popping with a high power single mode diode, so i figured ide conduct a small test to submit to the community and hopefully answer some questions since i was highly curious about this myself. Shoulda done the test at night so i could have seen the...
  7. dustmite

    Cell Phone Jammer (CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G LTE, 4G WiMax, WiFi/Bluetooth)

    Asking price: $300 Payment in BTC only. PM me for a bitcoin address to send payment to. If your a trusted member, I will accept PayPal. Shipping via USPS to continental USA only. Frequency bands: CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G LTE, 4G WiMax, WiFi/Bluetooth Wall charger, car charger, built-in 2500mAh...
  8. dustmite

    McFreedom - Game ISOs, DVD/TV Rips, MP3s, STREAMING

    McFreedom, The last place you will ever have to go for any digital content. Intended to be a replacement for your torrent downloading, your usenet downloading, your netflix/hulu subscription, etc... A project about 5 months in the making, finally ready for a public beta testing. 100% Free...
  9. dustmite

    Opnext 638 (HL63603TG) In Ozark Trails Host (PIC HEAVY)

    Beautiful glowing orangish red kickin 193mW with a 3-element lens ^^ Diode: Opnext 120mW Single Mode 638 Diode (HL63603TG) Host: http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/ozark-trail-2-piece-aluminum-flashlight-walmart-86554.html 22600 Battery: http://kaidomain.com/product/details.S009416 It has...
  10. dustmite

    Opinions needed on aliexpress laser!

    Free Shipping Q LINE New 638nm 500mW Orange red Beam Laser Flashlight / Laser Dazzling Device /Waterproof/Square Stainless Steel-in Laser Pens from Electronics on Aliexpress.com Im a big aliexpreess shopper and this appears to be a very nicely built laser, ide like to hear some opinions pls?
  11. dustmite

    cell phone jammer

    Off topic. Just got my first cell phone jammer in the mail from china yesterday. Took me a week or more of extensive research to find the best, non novelty, real-deal jammer, with correct frequencies, from a reliable source, and for the right price. The one I acquired is absolutely amazing...
  12. dustmite

    $10 Ozark Trail 2-Piece Aluminum Flashlight

    Ozark Trail 2-Piece Aluminum Flashlight with Batteries, 100 Lumens: Automotive : Walmart.com I think it may be a black friday related item, cant find it anywhere else on the net other that walmart, and the price is o so right on this. Heres my review after bringing a pack home...
  13. dustmite

    Ozark Trail 2-Piece Aluminum Flashlight (WALMART)

    So im in walmart this morning, and always being on the lookout for flashlights to potentially turn into lasers, i stumbled upon one of those large cardboard displays in a middle isle with a bunch of flashlights, one of which caught my eye! I think its a black friday related item, not sure if...
  14. dustmite

    Penlight Sized Tailcap Clicky Switch Source???

    Ive searched HIGH AND LOW, and cannot find a source for JUST tailcap clicky switches that are small enough to be used in pen light size builds. The smallest ive found is like 10mm across? I think the best ive been able to find is a "preon" replacement tailcap which is nice and all, but its an...
  15. dustmite

    MS-Envy W/ 9mm 445nm Diode - $200

    NO LONGER FOR SALE, Decided to keep it and pimp it out a bit!
  16. dustmite

    Any info on NY state?

    so ive read through this section on the forums, and ive also scoured through google to try and gind specific relevant info on laser laws in new york state. ive read about schumer trying to press the issue, meaning there is no regulations in place? im aware of the dont point at people or planes...
  17. dustmite

    li-ion battery pack extraction

    ive got a hitachi li-ion drill battery pack from work because its busted open from being dropped, i took it home cause i notice the batterys inside have 18650 stamped on them. can these be harvested for use outside the battery pack or no?
  18. dustmite

    burning- (500mw 405nm) vs (3w+ 445 nm)

    which would be the better burner? if any1 has both and could give me their experience...
  19. dustmite

    Infinity focusing

    So im fairly new to lasers and after buying my first 100mw green from thejoker, i had it for one day before i seen daguins at cost thread and couldnt resist buying the laser sabre from him considering the amazing deal. now my question is, whats the best way to focus to infinity? im looking for...
  20. dustmite

    Batteries + Customs

    What is all the fuss about receiving packages international through customs with batteries inside? I just received my laser from TheJoker301 in Israel, sent to New York, WITH A BATTERY + CHARGER, and received it in less than a week. It was labeled for customs as a flashlight + charger + battery.