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  1. gotwake424

    Anyone looking to sell a Kryton barrel?

    I have a plain one that I am looking to sell. email me gotwake424 at gmail.com
  2. gotwake424

    'Tesla's Thought-Pistol' Ray gun!

    If you really want to learn about Tesla and Henry Morray you should talk to Bob Boyce, I can't tell you how many hours we had conversations on Laser chat!
  3. gotwake424

    Fs: 250mW Viasho Portable Laser

    Offer Still stands
  4. gotwake424


    Re: FS: Three Blurays at Cost "Number 3 is an 8X in a Cree, Romisen host. It has the IgorT heat sink. It uses a single 14500 battery. The driver is set at 320mA. It is putting out 355mW with the stock lens and 440mW with the Jayrob lens. It is $300, shipped in the US" Dave, Is there any...
  5. gotwake424

    Fs: 250mW Viasho Portable Laser

    Offering 300 Even, if you can measure the beam divergence
  6. gotwake424

    Fs: 250mW Viasho Portable Laser

    You have any idea of the divergence?
  7. gotwake424

    Optotronics Blue RPL-70 $300 SOLD

    Re: Optotronics Blue RPL-70 $300 is this still for sale??
  8. gotwake424

    NEW Viasho Group buy #2 (Completed)

    Re: NEW Viasho Group buy #2 Jack, Would you offer any kind of trade in if we want to upgrade to an rpl later?
  9. gotwake424

    FS: Brand new HTC Magic phone

    Totally off point here, but Spyro I finally got my Tilt 2 :). It dual boots android and windows mobile and BUMP
  10. gotwake424

    POssible way to make a "light saber"

    You could just focus the laser so far out so that it ionized the air. But it would have to be really powerful!
  11. gotwake424

    Homemade Van de Graaf generator

    Thanks for the idea everyone :)
  12. gotwake424

    Homemade Van de Graaf generator

    Arbor Scientific Online! - Van de Graaff Replacement Belt Something like that Mario, basically a huge rubberband
  13. gotwake424

    CES: 3D Laser Projector

    CES: 3d laser projection system - Hack a Day Really not a lot of information about this system yet. As apparently they did not even have a demo on the show room floor. My guess is that they focus the lasers so far out into the air that they ionize the air so that they only go so far?? I...
  14. gotwake424

    Homemade Van de Graaf generator

    I've wanted to make on for the longest time, got all the parts together but I could never find a metal sphere.
  15. gotwake424

    FOR SURE Optotronics group buy!!!

    As far as an upgrade from your CNI pen, I would say No. Green needs to be at least double to be brighter. So you would be looking at a RPL-300 or so.
  16. gotwake424

    Wicked Lasers Spyder III Pro Availability?

    You might try emailing Steve directly. He has always answered me right away. Use the service email and just address it to Steve Lui - owner of WL.
  17. gotwake424

    What did you get for xmas?

    Weller-WESD51-Digital-Soldering-Station and some cash and clothes thats about it
  18. gotwake424

    Sonar Series Review- Picture Heavy!

    Funny thing is that my phone takes better beam shots than my rebel xti. Ill try to take new pictures later.
  19. gotwake424

    Sonar Series Review- Picture Heavy!

    Well I finally got around to doing my review of the Sonar Series 20mw Model that Steve was kinda enough to send me. I'll Shut up now and let the pictures do the talking! Size: 170mm x 16mm Weight: 68g Wavelength: 405nm Mode: TEM00 Output Power: 20mW Beam Divergence: 1.4mRad Packaging The...
  20. gotwake424

    FOR SURE Optotronics group buy!!!

    Glenn can we get the additional 10 percent if we go with the 90 day warranty? if not 10% maybe 5%?