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  1. julianthedragon

    Handheld LaserGun - Osram PLPM4L 90Watts

    Impressive build, thanks for the English captions. The 3D printed part and the digital meters on it are awesome. The power to melt glass is terrifying. Do you have a link to or the name of the software you used to simulate the optics and choose the right lens combination?
  2. julianthedragon

    Blue laser from eBay does not burn

    1) Before I get to any other point, you should be wearing the appropriate OD6+ safety goggles (from laserglow) while using this potentially Class IV laser. If you aren't then don't go any further 2) Burning depends on power density. Make sure the beam is focused down to a small dot for burning...
  3. julianthedragon

    ok im just going to say it...

    Where is all this coming from?
  4. julianthedragon

    Poor focus on Odin 5W450 by C4Lasers

    Not quite. No need for the big quote, just meant you should reply in a single post instead of spamming one after the other. Maybe we should PM if you want to continue the conversation since this isn't even the original point of the thread which was posted in 2020 ;) Congrats on the purchase...
  5. julianthedragon

    Poor focus on Odin 5W450 by C4Lasers

    It really depends on the member. Some people here use them professionally or for research, many are electronics hobbyists who have accumulated knowledge from building lasers and taking them apart. Some are simply fascinated by them and collect different wavelengths. There are even laser...
  6. julianthedragon

    Poor focus on Odin 5W450 by C4Lasers

    They are fine for lower power, just not higher. Think of it like this. Each OD number represents a magnitude of 10 that the power is being reduced. And for laser power to be safe for your eyes, it must be as low as possible. So OD2+ gives you 1% of 7500mW or 75mW still going into your eye. Not...
  7. julianthedragon

    Poor focus on Odin 5W450 by C4Lasers

    Sanwu shouldn't dissappoint. As you asked earlier, no modifications should be necessary out the box unless you want to switch lenses or use an attachment like a beam expander. Also I get how it's annoying but assumption that people are dumb on this forum has probably saved someone's eyes before...
  8. julianthedragon

    Looking advice from pro to buy a 7.5Watts Striker Blue laser

    That's referring to single or multimode switch operation, not the laser diode. The diode output is definitely multimode (i.e. high divergence, not a perfect circle). The multimode switch being offered there gives you things like low power mode, strobe, etc
  9. julianthedragon

    Leaving out Lithium Ion Batteries

    How safe is it (for battery health or in general) to leave lithium batteries out for a long time without discharging and charging them regularly? For instance let's say I have a laser I rarely use that takes a 26650 batt. It's fully charged but since I only use the laser on occassion it can...
  10. julianthedragon

    Cutoff wavelength of human eyesight

  11. julianthedragon

    Laser Animation Proof of Concept

    Thanks Curtis. Brucemir's work is awesome, he was one of the first members I PM'd on here. ArcticDude is also a beast, his album with Sanwu's RGB is major inspiration. I've stumbled across old threads with Radim's laser painting but all the media no longer loads, would love to see it if any is...
  12. julianthedragon

    Cutoff wavelength of human eyesight

    I've read other cases of people seeing below 400nm and seeing 808nm as a deep red. One explanation is that everyone's eyes have slightly different limits but 400-700nm fits the average of most human eyes. Explanation 2: laser diodes have an emission spectrum wider than just a singular...
  13. julianthedragon

    Laser Animation Proof of Concept

    Exploring how I can create art with my laser collection. I created this video by taking several long exposure shots and making a stop motion animation. (with sound) Lasers I used were all approximately 50mw: 485nm, 520nm, 589nm, 635nm Just made this for fun and to explore the materials and...
  14. julianthedragon

    589nm Spartan Yellow Laser — Review, Pictures, LPM Data

    Thanks! You're right, liquid sun is a great name for the color And I'd love if you could PM or post some pics of that lemony 575 as well if you get the chance. Hmm I could try testing the effect temperature has on the laser. I could see both hot and cold ambient temps messing things up in...
  15. julianthedragon

    POLL for The Laser Man 2

    I'm on the younger side of legal aged. But I remember I got interested in lasers around 10 years old and dpss greens were already on the market. I didn't know s*** about the technical or even safety side of lasers (beyond power and wavelength) but I always had good intentions and knew to stay...
  16. julianthedragon

    Zeus X (7W) VS Sanwu Striker (7W)

    I would expect the answer to be Sanwu
  17. julianthedragon

    589nm Spartan Yellow Laser — Review, Pictures, LPM Data

    Intro Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year! Earlier this month, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a Dragon Lasers 50mw 589nm Spartan laser. I should preface this review by saying that owning this thing had been on my bucket list for years, so provided that it was operational...
  18. julianthedragon

    is (zeuslasers.com) a good place to get a laser?

    Did you read my reply to your older post lol
  19. julianthedragon

    what laser should i buy (beginner)

    Ok gotcha. Well first I'd get familiar with power (mW) and wavelength (nm) if you're not already. Here are a couple sources to give you some intuition on laser power and common wavelengths: https://www.htpow.com/blog/bid-10.html ; http://laserkids.sourceforge.net/eng_tablica.html You're an...
  20. julianthedragon

    what laser should i buy (beginner)

    If you're a beginner then I would recommend not starting with a burning laser at all. How old are you? Also I can't speak on amazon or aliexpress sellers but some trusted companies here are Laserglow, Sanwu, and JetLasers