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  1. FlightLevel350

    1W 445 driver

    I got this driver from Modwerx, but before I wire it up I want to make sure I'm connecting it properly. Does anyone know where the positive and negative pads are for this driver? There are 3 pads, but none are labeled clearly. One appears to have a B+ near it which I thought might be the...
  2. FlightLevel350

    FS: Solarforce L2P Heatsink

    This is a heatsink for the Solarforce L2P host. When I made it I didnt measure the length correctly so it was cut off .22 in too short at the head. You can see in the picture how it doesn't extend far enough out. I included a correctly sized heatsink in the last two photo for comparison...
  3. FlightLevel350

    FS: SOLD 650 and 532

    I am selling a LOC in a Jayrob MDXL host. The host is an older version 4171 and uses RCR123, so it will not fit 18650 size batteries. It is using a Rckstr driver set to 412 mA. It is currently outputting around 210mw with an Aixiz acrylic lens. I am looking to get around $50 shipped for...
  4. FlightLevel350

    Did I kill it?

    I hooked up a Lite-On 12x diode to a microboost set for 500ma, but all I get is a faint purple light, barely visible. It also seems to flicker a little bit. Im hoping its not dead since this is the second one I've tried to get working. :yabbem:
  5. FlightLevel350

    LOC voltage

    What's the lasing threshold current of the LOC diode? I'm setting up a flexmod that is driving two LOCs in series, so im planning on multiplying the current by two for the bias setting on the flexmod
  6. FlightLevel350

    AMC driver

    Does anyone have a dead AMC driver they would be willing to send me? I just need the board to use as a positive contact point for a 405 build I'm working on. If you have a good one you would be willing to sell I'll take it, but a dead one would be preferable so as not to waste a perfectly good...
  7. FlightLevel350

    WTB 532nm Lab

    I am looking to get a 532nm lab style laser for a scanner project. Around 100mw will be sufficient, preferably with analog modulation.
  8. FlightLevel350

    Dual Red

    I'm working on combining 2 red diodes for a scanner. I am using two LOCs. How do I wire them up so that they are at the same current level as they are being modulated. I am planning on using a flexmod driver (if drlava starts making them again). Also, I have seen many dual red builds that...
  9. FlightLevel350

    DX Shipping

    I ordered a DX host at the beginning of June (the 4th to be exact), and here it is the first of July and still nothing. I checked the order tracking and all it says is "Temporary stock shortage." However, I checked the item and it doesn't say its sold out. I realize this is shipping from...
  10. FlightLevel350

    WTB: dichro mounts

    I am looking for a pair of dichro mounts that can fit 25mm dichros. I have found some online but they are pretty expensive. I don't need top of the line mounts, just something that can align the mirrors with a reasonable degree of accuracy
  11. FlightLevel350

    O-like green driver mod

    I have been trying to fit a o-like module in to a small host, but have been unsuccessful due to the length of the module. I cut the "extra" tubing off the front but it's still to long. I was wondering if it is possible to remove the driver from the module and replace it with a smaller one...
  12. FlightLevel350

    Removing a LCC

    Does anyone have some tips on extracting the LCC diode in the ggw sled from its heatsink? The metal seems to be really tough and a pair of pliers hasn't worked. I am afraid of using any more force since the ir diode (which I was also trying to remove) was destroyed when the glass lens broke.
  13. FlightLevel350

    Voltage surge?

    I have a Pocket Mini 6x with a flex drive that I have been using for a while, so it has a few hours on it. Recently it had a strange tendency to not turn on unless the barrel of the host was unscrewed a tiny bit. Then it would turn on and work fine, and I could screw the barrel back in. In...
  14. FlightLevel350

    Blu Ray Lens

    I have a 6x diode with an acrylic lens and I have been thinking about upgrading it, at least to an aixiz glass. I have read several posts that mention that 405 nm tends to degrade acrylic lenses more quickly than red. Any idea why this happens? And how many hours would a typical acrylic lens...
  15. FlightLevel350

    LOC reflection damage

    I have heard about how the long open can diodes are susceptible to reflected light damaging the thin wires in the diode. I have a LOC driven at 412 ma, using an aixiz acrylic lens. My question is, will this ultimately damage the diode because the acrylic reflects light back onto the diode...
  16. FlightLevel350

    PHR dying

    My phr laser has recently switched from a round dot (at focus) to a strange rectangle with a bright dot centered on the longer axis of the rectangle(also at focus). It looks a bit like this (my camera cant take pictures for some reason) ___o___ l______l Can I safely assume this diode is dying...
  17. FlightLevel350

    WTB Aixiz lens

    I have a scratched up Aixiz lens that I need to replace. I would like one that is open in the back, since that is probably how I scratched up mine, but a normal lens would work fine too. PM me with an offer
  18. FlightLevel350

    WTB: MDXL sheath

    I am looking for a nice sheath for my MDXL host to protect it form bumping around in my pocket. If you have one let me know, otherwise where might I buy one?
  19. FlightLevel350

    Red Laser goggles

    I would like to get a pair of safety glasses for 650nm. I have been using welding goggles for a while, but that was for laser under 125mw. With nearly double the power, I found the they no longer work. A used pair would be ideal so I don't have to spend TOO much money, but then again, as I...
  20. FlightLevel350

    programming help

    I have a serial servo controller i want to control using a computer, with some sort of interface such as Visual Basic. This will be used to run my ROV. Unfortunately my knowledge of Basic is very limited and using serial commands is beyond my expertise. I have a VB file that shows how i would...