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  1. Wallydraigle

    Does anyone have a vinyl cutter or some other way of making a stencil?

    I want to paint a design on the barrel of my laser, but I want it to look nice, so I need a stencil. It's going to be very small, about 1" by 5/8" maybe. I tried to xacto one out of tape, but it's too small. How much would you want to do something like that for me?
  2. Wallydraigle

    Amazing deal on TI dev board.

    MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad 14-/20-Pin Socket Target Board and Emulator: TI eStore Looks like it's back ordered now, but if you can afford to wait it really is an amazing deal. You can't really even buy the USB cable for what they want for the whole package. Use HALFMSPTOOL for half off the...
  3. Wallydraigle

    Test load for 445nm

    When setting driver current, can I use the same test load as for blu-ray, or do I have to do something special?
  4. Wallydraigle

    Got my blu-ray back from GooeyGus!

    This is the one in the dilda body which I bought from lasermitch on eBay. When I first received it everything seemed fine. According to Mitch's description it was running at 150mW after lens, but I'm a total n00b and had no way to confirm this. I say had, because after about 15 minutes of total...
  5. Wallydraigle

    Does anyone have a fluorescent diamond?

    Some diamonds are slightly fluorescent under a blacklight, or any UV actually, which can give them a little extra "pop" in sunlight. Some of them are actually like glow in the dark paint in that they'll keep glowing for a while after they're "charged up". Since usakicksass posted in the other...