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  1. ZheolD

    Complete CNC Nd:YAG Laser Cutting System $100!!

    Complete CNC Nd:YAG Laser Cutting System No Reserve!!!! - eBay (item 200445581099 end time Mar-09-10 09:30:29 PST) Item location: Brighton, Michigan, United States Anyone close might wanna check this out. Cheers Josh
  2. ZheolD

    Cheap IR Card for SSY1

    Im Trying to find a Cheapish IR sensor card that will surive the output of an ssy1. Any Help or sugestions would be great thanks ^^ Cheers Josh
  3. ZheolD

    TrustFire Multifunctional Charger

    Greetings, I have the Model TR-001, does anyone know if these can also handle the 3.6v rcr2's? Only Reason i'm asking, Is because i have no clue what the dimensions are of the rcr2's any info on this would be great thanks Cheers Josh
  4. ZheolD

    ndrew2505 and Modwerx

    the other day i purchased some stuff from him and forgot to include something in my order i Pmed Him and he responded Fast and helped me correct the mistake Very polite and Fast shipper everything arrived in a padded envelope in Perfect shape i would recomend Ndrew2505 and Modwerx as a good...
  5. ZheolD

    Cigar tubes as Host?

    has anyone tryed this? i have been Lurkin for a few weeks now i was gonna buy some diodes from one of the members but my world Fell apart so now i'm gonna wait to build a laser so i figured i would look at other items that would be imho would be good hosts
  6. ZheolD

    N00bie! ^^

    Greetings folks the other night for some reason the Word "Laser" Popped into my head and the next thing i knew i was sitting in front of my PC and started to google and came apon this forum Now after reading for a while i wanna try to make my Own burning Laser hehe now the thing is What would...