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  1. Qorx

    Back into lasers, questions

    About 5 years ago I had a 445nm laser that had the m140 diode with a Mohgasm 1.8A Button driver. That diode died and turned into an LED. Looking at getting back into the hobby and am wondering in those 5 years something would have changed. What is the best button driver and diode for the 445nm...
  2. Qorx

    445NM Blown Diode

    My laser diode screwed up and it turned into an 'LED'. Do you think it would be wise to get a new driver for it as well just incase? Here is the emission test photos; Laser - Imgur Here is what the laser consists of; Laser. - Imgur The driver is a 1.8A Mohgasm Driver. The Diode is a M140...
  3. Qorx

    445NM M-140 (Broken Diode Help)

    Hello LPF, So, my diode has been diagnosed by experienced members on here as broken. I'm looking to get a new one, but I'm looking at the same type 445NM M-140. I was wondering what does the G-2 Lens improve, and when I put my diode into the hot am i suppose to leave the silver backing thing...
  4. Qorx

    445NM Blue Laser Problems

    My 445NM Blue Laser is having problems I can't diagnose. I've brought new batteries and a battery charger. I charged them all the way and the light beam didn't even make a dot on the wall it was like the batteries were dead. I was 16340's 1.8A Mohgasm Driver, M-140 Diode. I don't know why it is...
  5. Qorx


    Hey, can someone please tell me out of all these lenses I have what ones are better for what and what ones are used for what, also what is that big silver thing? and I also have a little spring I forgot to upload. I also need to know, what side of the lense goes into module, and what side is...
  6. Qorx

    Blue Laser Problems

    For some reason my laser doesn't make a beam, and it only shows the dot, it looks like it's a 0.1mW. Though, it has a 1.8A Mohgasm Driver and a M140 Blue Diode and should be 1.8-2.2Watts. I've double checked the wiring all that kind of stuff. The Batteries I'm using are UltraFire 16340's (2 of...
  7. Qorx

    Cr123a / 16340

    I'm looking for a charger for this battery, I've brought 2 and they BOTH haven't worked. Can someone link me to a good one that works that uses Australia Plug. Also, what are the best brand of that battery so I have no problems. This is my last feature of getting it working.
  8. Qorx

    What should I expect.

    Can you tell me what I should expect to get with my laser. Specifications: Diode - Pressed into Copper with a brand new M-140. Battery's - 16340. Driver - 1.8A Mohgasm. Host - Cree C6. Note: I've been told around 1.8-2.2W.
  9. Qorx

    Driver Pilll / Copper Ring C6

    I brought a new C6 Host. Just arrived today. I'm having trouble fitting the driver into the driver pill. 1.) What do I put in first, the copper ring or the driver. If it's the copper ring read number2. 2.) I put the copper ring in first and trying to put the driver in but it will NOT go in...
  10. Qorx

    1.8A 2W probelm

    Hey, I just brought a brand new mohgasm 1.8A driver. I just got it and started the laser up and it doesn't work. The batteries are charged. And The diode can't be fried. How can I check if the wires and the batteries are working? Pictures -
  11. Qorx

    Buying 1.8A Mohgasm buck driver

    hey Guys, I'm buying a 1.8A Mohgasm Driver that fit's inside a C6 AURORA driver pill. I've got everything just need the Mohgasm buck driver. If you're selling one/some please inbox me. Thanks.
  12. Qorx

    Good Batteries

    Hey Guys, I've got a 445nm laser. It is run on an m140 diode, and a 1.8A Mohgasm driver. So I am looking for some really good batteries that can push out 2watts +. Can someone please help me out. P.S: I'd need a charger to go with these, and would need protected since I can't test how much...
  13. Qorx


    Hey Guys, When I ordered a laser 'just add diode kit' from a member here, I got it and they fogot to place the screw in and it's going to cost me $2.30 for shipping. When I'd rather go to the hardware store and buy the screw. Can someone please tell me the screw size that tightens the diode...
  14. Qorx

    2 questions

    1.) What's better x2 16340, or x1 18650? 2.) Will this driver power my 1Watt 445NM C6 AURORA CREE laser? 18V 5W Cree Circuit Board for Flashlights (16.8mm*5.5mm) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
  15. Qorx

    Driver Screwup. :s

    I brought a c6 'just add diode' kit from eytyxhs. But when I've solidered it kept stuffing up, so now there is no more wires in the driver. Would I be able to send the driver to a trusted member and them be able to put new + - wires in it, that are about 4 inches long and a bit thicker then the...
  16. Qorx

    445NM 1W Blue Laser...

    Hey, What batteries and charger should I get for my 445NM 1W Blue Laser in a C6 Module?
  17. Qorx


    I brought this and it can't burn anything at all and the beam is crap. How can I open it and make it more powerful? eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d
  18. Qorx

    1,000mW Blue Laser

    Hey Guys, Can you please tell me what else I need to make a laser work. Here is what I've got so far at my house. What else do I need. I'm aiming for a 1,000mW Blue Laser that can burn, shine really far and can be really sexy. HighTechDealZ - 445nm 1W (1000mW) Blue Brand New Laser Diode in...