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    Laser pointer colored "lens"

    I know this is not the brightest question. I was thinking the other day, are there colored lens that you could use to temporarily change the output color? Some materials change my pointer color when I shine it directly at it. There should be specific lens you can put on the end of your laser to...
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    Do 565nm - 585nm wavelengths come in Handheld Pointers?

    A moderator from this website sent me a link to a list of Wavelengths and where I can purchase them, availability, cost, and more. I seen one (575nm) that said Inexpensive (<$50) and was wondering how much it would be to get a handheld pointer in this wavelength, as I went to the website...
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    Any violet or blue Laser Pointers under $30

    *MUST HAVE CLEARLY VISIBLE BEAM AT NIGHT* Im not looking for anything that burns, just a really nice beam. I saw a 405nm 303 Laser Pointer and the picture showed an extremely visible beam for around $10 - $15 (without the battery or battery charger), and after looking up a review on the exact...
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    What all colors do lasers come in?

    Other than Red, Green, Blue, and Violet. Are there other colors that lasers can come in?
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    Question about Laser before purchase

    I am thinking about purchasing a *Purple* 301 Prome Series Laser pointer. I have had a Green 303 laser before, and the beam itself was incredibly visible even in daytime. Will purple have a clearly visible beam at night? Will it be slightly visible in daytime? I saw this youtube video using a...