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  1. biddy79uk

    Looking for new supplier

    Hi, Been a while since iv been here. I'm looking for a new laser 445nm preferably in a 501b host with a copper heatsinke and a 3 element lens. Has to be over 1W Whats around.... Or more to the point who
  2. biddy79uk

    What's This Host

    Can anyone tell me what Host this is I'v seen quite a few around the net but cant seem to find any "real name" Just might get 1 to mess around with ( mix'n match laser parts ) haha
  3. biddy79uk

    Brightness In Lumens ?

    This might sound a silly question and maybe also contradicting myself here, But in a projector is the Brightness In Lumens - 2400 = 2.4W diode if extracted & used on a custom build ? Thanks Guys
  4. biddy79uk

    Laser Diode nm Graph For All Too See

    For those who want to know the color difference in the nm for Lasers
  5. biddy79uk

    Best Glasses For 445nm

    So i get a pair of Safety goggles off my Neice's Partner who works in a M.O.T Car Garage... anyway the goggles are too dark for 445nm the dot looks green/yellow mixture and i cant see any beam at all (not too bothered) as i only use the goggles when burning or indoors. So my question is whats...
  6. biddy79uk

    LPM Needed

    Hi Guys, Just wondering where the "cheapest" place is too buy a LPM Any ideas & sugestions feel free to leave links/names Cheers John :thanks:
  7. biddy79uk

    Which Is Brightest

    Hi there guys, I'm just wondering which is brightest in a dark night out the Green-532nm and Blue-445nm I know people say "green" is most visible to the eye as i have read and i must say my Green was pretty bright at night. Heres a couple of shots from my Blackberry on a Humid night: So...
  8. biddy79uk

    Help Needed On JD Laser 303

    Hi guys i ordered a laser from a web site and it came after 30 something days all broken up The thing is i binned it and now the company wants to see a picture of the JDLaser 303 that i recieved but i dont have it anymore. Does anybody have any pictures of a broken or threaded JDLaser 303 or any...
  9. biddy79uk

    Charger TR01 Tr06 which one ?

    I need a new charger charger and today i finally found a web site that takes my type of bank card, The thing is there is 2 chargers identical but 1 says TR-01 and the other says TR-06 next to it, Which one do i need for a JDLaser 303 using 1 x 18650 battery @ 4200mAh ALSO tHIS CHARGER here IS A...
  10. biddy79uk

    WANTED: 18650 battery & charger

    Hi guys as the title says i need 1 or 2 18650 batterys around 3600/4200mAh plus a decent charger, I have 1 of those crappy chinese style chargers but it will not charge no matter how long i have it on charge :( I know they are cheap enough to buy off the internet but for some reason i cant use...
  11. biddy79uk

    For dtr

    How come this is at this price on ebay and its this price on your site...I dont get it whats the difference or is it cos 1 has the W/X-Drive ? The thing is i'm trying to build my FIRST laser and after hours and hours of reading i'm starting to get there, I have owned lasers since i was a kid...
  12. biddy79uk

    Please can a member help me

    Hi fellow members i have a charger from a chinese laser order and i dont think it works, I'v tried to charge my 18650 battery for upto 15 hours with no luck, The RED light just seems to stay on forever and NEVER turns green, I have posted a picture of my charger in a previous post. PLEASE can a...
  13. biddy79uk

    18650 where are they

    Just wondering if anybody knows what type of Hardware/Charger's use the 18650 battery's I ordered a new charger & new battery's from the net and they havn't arrived "i knew i should of checked hes rep" anyway no arrival :( Anyone got any idea's if a 12v Virgin Charger or what uses these...
  14. biddy79uk

    Laser Beam Problem

    So after only a week since receiving my Laser at very limited use maybe 3 times out at night for less than 40 second shots it now appears my beam is doubling up...at around 12 feet away with the beam out-focused a little bit you see 2 circles (BEAMS) it doesnt happen at button push but around...
  15. biddy79uk

    Night Club !!!

    What to look out for in a night club to make a decent powerfull laser, I have access to a Locked down / Ran Down night club and the NEW owner has said to the workers if theres anything you want just take it. I cant beleive the guy actually said this i mean theres some pretty nice stuff in hear...
  16. biddy79uk

    Help With 18650 & Charger

    Hi guys i have a new Laser and a charger but the sticker on the charger has the Tit pointing upwards BUT it also has the - pointing upwards next to the Tit and the + on the Bottom.... I tried charging the battery with the Tit facing downwards but the light never changed from RED to GREEN which i...