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  1. superlazers

    FS: Jetlasers PL-E 532nm 700mW +Beam Expander, $400 final price!

    For sale. The laser is in good condition, I would use it occasionally for a year, less than 30 hours overall. Power measure: For now, I don't have a wattmeter to check if it has lowered, but I bet it hasn't. It still sets fire to black plastic and cloth. Wood gets burnt as well when beam is...
  2. superlazers

    11W blue laser "hell burner". Hello from Russia ;)

    Pasting from youtube does not work, so I give the link below ;) 4wzM0RLjOSE YOUTUBE VIDEO. Duration time: 1.40m The plans: - variable focus as in a photo camera. - laser housing: 400x60x60mm for easy operation. Specification: Operating modes: 11W 450nm laser with 10mW 445nm laser(aim)...
  3. superlazers

    Buy VIOLET(405nm) laser pointer 250mw >

    I wanted to buy a laser 250mw от rayfoss, but changed my mind in favor of home-made assemblies. My interest of fair violet laser pointer 250 mw and above. I need to get this laser light could match at least a distance of 4 meters (possibility to focus a very small dot). I ask the price of...
  4. superlazers

    Violet laser 100 mW (My new development).

    Dear friends I have a new development. Violet laser. Power: 100mW. Options: 1) Laser 2) Lithium battery size 14500 (as "AA" battery) 3.7V 900ma * h 3) battery charger from 10440, 18650 ending. Photo: Violet laser primarily differs stunningly beautiful color of light! Such a laser is a...
  5. superlazers

    Sell Red Laser Pointer 300-350mW. Handmade.

    New price is 3 times cheaper! I sell Red Laser pointer 300-350mW. Handmade. Hi, guys! =) Check this VIDEO! New price. See below! :drool: Features laser pointer: Color laser: red. Wavelength: 650nm Optical power continuous: 300-350mW Current consumption: 500mA Operating voltage: 3.4-6V...