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  1. Indrabodhi

    mW safety question

    Thank you for the input everyone. It struck me as odd that everyone said 5mW lasers are harmless yet I used mine to clean wasps off the side of my house. It makes sense that it was falsely labelled and is far stronger.
  2. Indrabodhi

    mW safety question

    I'm using this pair right here that's specifically designed for usage with blue lasers amazon (dot) com/190nm-550nm-800nm-1100nm-Wavelength-Professional-Glasses/dp/B07DC6D11R/ After all the research I've done it seems most people consider <5mW safe for casual purposes. So I'm thinking that my...
  3. Indrabodhi

    mW safety question

    Howdy. I'm a noob with a 5mW 405nm and some OD 6 safety goggles, and right now just viewing the dot on a non-reflective surface about 10 feet from my face feels dangerous, like my eyeballs are going to melt. However on youtube I see people using lasers with ridiculous power levels, such as this...