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    NUBM34 Laser Blaster - 115+ Watts of Intense Blue Photons

    Because it's not available yet. At least, I did not find it on ebay.
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    NUBM34 Laser Blaster - 115+ Watts of Intense Blue Photons

    Hi guys, even if I read a lot here, it's been some years I did not post anything, but after I've found a new (for me at least) laser diode from Nichia (NUBM3HT), 137 Watts of pure pleasure, I had to speak out. So I wrote them a request for a quote and they replied by asking me about my company...
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    Powerful IR lasers (burning)

    Hi guys, I'm new at this forum as you can see and I'm also interested in IR lasers for experiments. I've found a High Power Laser Diode Bar 100W 808nm UMB QTY 30 (ebay item #110241272393). I would like to get your opinion on this one. By the way, when I try to post the link, it says I can't...
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    changing laser color

    Hi everyone :) , I am new to this forum and this is my first posting. Sorry if my english is not perfect, but I am from Quebec, Canada and I usually speak french, so I will try to do my best to be well understood. So feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks. I've found this topic...