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    When & where did the term 'host' originate?

    I've often wondered about this, but I've never seen a satisfactory answer. I have a lot of technical hobbies (electronics, computers, RC etc) where you have to house your projects in an enclosure. This is invariably called a housing, case or enclosure. It is never called a 'host'. Hand held...
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    Does this look safe to you?

    I don't know much about best practices for laser shows, but I am uncomfortable watching this: 1000mw LASER - YouTube I recognise that the exposure time is very short, but you're still repeatedly getting zapped with 1W of 532nm. Am I being over-cautious?
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    Running a 445nm diode at 30mW

    Hi all, If I want to run a 445nm diode at a tiny 30mW, is there any need for a driver, or can I just use a current limiting resistor?
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    Ebay modules - are they ever worth it?

    I know this has been discussed before, but I can't get a feel for the consensus. Are these 200mW modules on eBay ever anything like 200mW of green output? Has anyone tested them? These are the things I mean: 200mW 532nm Green Laser Diode Module 3.7V-4.2V on eBay (end time 30-Mar-11 01:31:40...
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    Smallest diameter collimating lens?

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what the smallest collimating lens in a threaded housing is? I need to make a 445nm 1W in a smaller package than the 12mm AIXIZ. I can machine the housing, but I need a lens to use in it. Thanks!
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    Fiber collimator

    Hi all, I have a 25W IR laser, the output of which is from a fiber (around 8 inches of fiber). I'd like to collimate the output of this fiber, to achieve a reasonably small (under 2mm) parallel beam. I've tried to do this using a single focussing lens, but to no avail - I just can't achieve a...