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    uv black light bubbles???

    i dont own a blue ray laser but i am under the impression that they make things glow like black light right? if so i thought these would be cool to mess around with. thanks for looking -Evan check it out Tekno Bubbles UV Blacklight Bubbles NEW PRICES LOL http://www.froggysfog.com/category/a500/
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    Wtb: Wicked lasers evolution pro 20mw green

    title says it, message me with pics and prices. thanks for looking -Evan
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    wicked lasers 15mW-35mW ????

    hello im new here my name is evan. i want a green laser for fun and concerts, but i want it to stand out from other peoples 5mW ebay lasers. my question are these safe for large crowds, and what is the highest mW rating without damaging effects/burning? thanks for looking -Evan