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    What is the best efficiency on visible wavelengths?

    Hello Not sure if this should be in general, science or measurements section. After getting familiar with the fact that 532 nm lasers have a lousy efficency and that they waste 300 mA for nothing before starting to operate, and that my "5 mW" green pen uses 1.14W (for a nominal efficiency of...
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    How powerful are 5 mW eBay pointers in reality?

    Hello After getting six "5 mW" pen pointers, two 405 nm (violet), two 635 nm (orange), one 532 nm (orange) and one 650 nm (red) I wonder if these really are all 5 mW pointers. The red one is misaligned, and in addition to the dot, there is a semi-arc around it. The two orange ones were equally...
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    Mail order suitable glasses for 50mW green?

    Hello I'd like to mail order protective glasses for me and the whole family. I need trustworthy and standardized glasses that a professional would use while working with class 3b equipment. I need IR and green protection. But how dim should the glasses be? How strong glasses does one need to...
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    50mW green, how worried should I be?

    Hello I got to try out an 50mW green laser, purchased from buywithcoins.com I have read about laser safety and everything, but I wonder if I got over excited. Pointing it downwards at a white wallpaper, it was not too uncomfortable from some 5ft distance. Pointing it under the leaves of a...