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  1. Sunny17


    Neat, I should have done some searching. Seems like there have been a few posts about her project before
  2. Sunny17


    https://brumhour.co.uk/installation-global-rainbow-with-birmingham-hippodrome-festivals/ Wow apparently these are lasers. I can’t imagine how expensive and powerful they must be to be so visible!
  3. Sunny17

    5.5w 450nm blue laser very week

    This thread hasn’t been active in over two years. I think they’ve moved on past their issues.
  4. Sunny17

    ACEBEAM Flashlight

    Any word on when the W40 and W50 are being released?
  5. Sunny17

    Anyone interested in a meet up around Toronto?

    It was worth a shot here. Thanks for reading and I can’t quite afford airfair for you guys 😅
  6. Sunny17

    Anyone interested in a meet up around Toronto?

    Toronto Ontario, whoops I didn’t realize there were so many!
  7. Sunny17

    Anyone interested in a meet up around Toronto?

    Hey fellow laser enthusiasts, would anybody be interested in a meet up around Toronto of things that look cool at night (Lasers and flashlights in particular)? I’m gauging interest in a meeting for us pocket sun and laser enthusiasts sometime in October before the weather turns nasty. Reply...
  8. Sunny17

    Quick question about cheap charger

    Is it an ultrafire battery? Those are filled with sand usually. Just recycle the charger and battery. It’s not worth experimenting with them.
  9. Sunny17

    UFO/ UAP Research and Laser Pointers Thread

    Generally if theres something in the sky, don’t shine a laser at it unless you can be sure it’s a celestial object. As far as contacting aliens with lasers, the nearest planets and things in the sky outside of our galaxy are thousands if not millions of light years away. If you were to shine a...
  10. Sunny17

    Purchasing a Spyder 3 Krypton

    I met up with the guy yesterday and tested it out behind a building. On the lowest setting, the point appeared significantly brighter than that of my 150mw 520nm pocket and looked to be of the same colour. As I was testing it, two security guards came up and looked at what the seller and I...
  11. Sunny17

    Purchasing a Spyder 3 Krypton

    Hey, thanks for the reply and the info. I’ll likely be testing it outdoors against a hedge or something else non reflective. From what I’ve read on the forums, only beams of ~1.5w+ green is visible in direct sunlight so that’s another reference I can’t really use. I’ll just do a side by side...
  12. Sunny17

    Purchasing a Spyder 3 Krypton

    Hello! (Canada here) I'll likely be meeting a stranger tomorrow to purchase their used Krypton which he claimed to have purchased in 2017 from Wicked Lasers. He was unable to supply the specifications and didn't seem too knowledgeable in general regarding lasers. (recommended wearing sunglasses...
  13. Sunny17

    Links to buy Infrared camera to see 980nm infrared laser pointer beam ?

    Check out Wyze Cam. I have one and it’s great. You could probably open it up and remove the filter.
  14. Sunny17

    How dangerous is a 200 mW red pointer?

    Have you ordered already? I’d recommend ordering directly from Sanwu to ensure don’t get a knockoff product. Pretty much all reviews of them, and my personal experience, have been terrific. I’m not sure about the LaserPointerStore Here’s a coupon code from Sanwu: LPFOFF10
  15. Sunny17

    How dangerous is a 200 mW red pointer?

    Violet at 200mW is quite dim to my knowledge and it also doesn’t burn super well due to the relatively low power. It’ll pop balloons and light matches when focused but it doesn’t really have any paper burning capabilities (from what I’ve read here)
  16. Sunny17

    Seeking <5mW Lasers

    I have this thing I bought while I was in China several years ago. It takes 2 AAAs and is about 12cm long. It claims 5mw but I have no way of measuring it. It is about the same brightness as those button cell dollar store pointers. I don’t need it anymore because I’ve moved onto more powerful...
  17. Sunny17

    Focal point of laser 303

    Not the beam, just a very faint point when I’m pointing the laser at a light material close to me
  18. Sunny17

    Focal point of laser 303

    I focus mine while wearing my glasses. Move it closer and further until you get that pinpoint of brightness
  19. Sunny17

    Finally found someone who beats Sanwu at machining metal

  20. Sunny17

    GUIDE: Which company should I buy from?

    It looks like the original post hasn't been updated since June 2018. I didn't notice this until after I looked at optotronics. Their prices seem to be borderline scam level. Almost $1000 USD for a 350mw 532 green?? Their other green lasers seem to just be lil pen ones but he charges over $200...