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    Laser storage

    I bought a small cash box, and some high density foam (think like, the BS audio absorptive foam from amazon). 30$ all together One key in my car. One key in my main safe (mainly documents etc.). Then I mounted the cash box using a few N52 magnets to the bottom of. a pullout drawer in a metal...
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    Suggested way to focus UV?

    Make sure that CNC is perfectly calibrated. I can't get traces smaller than .5mm on mine that can handle more than 35ma without burning out (generic boards/resist, obviously a thicker copper layer would help, I'm buying the <1$ boards for very LV applications). Works well, but it's a slow print...
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    Suggested way to focus UV?

    Are you mounting the diode to a CNC/printer and sending it g-code? otherwise, masks with a proper lens, and a 15$ UV 10w LED might be a lot less hassle (afterall, it's how Intel-Israel does their ULV masking for 30 billion transistors haha, (exactly like that, with a 15$ LED -_-) But you're...
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    I wanna make tonic water fluoresce with a laser pointer.

    Why not go with any ~400nm 3w LED source, usually comes with a driver too. Throw it on a heatsink, and put the bottle over top of it.. 5-10$ on ebay, with better dispersion (will light the whole bottle). But, if you want to see the *line* of fluorescence in your tonic, obviously the 405nm diode...
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    Looking for a custom built laser

    Yeah, I mean, we can definitely try and help. But the attitude so far in this thread has been somber at best... and for good reason. Almost any sufficiently powerful laser can burn something 15-20 ft away, by adjusting it's focal point, and selecting the correct colour target (obviously, for...
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    Pumping a dye laser with an MDP laser chip ?

    Nope, haven't tried it - but assuming the absorption spectra of the dye you're using matches the diode's output... you should be fine. AFAIK you'll have to combine the 2/3 beams, before you pump your media, though, or you'll get multiple emissions, and not a summed output. Unless, well, that's...
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    Suggested way to focus UV?

    405 is NEAR UV. It will cause most things that would fluoresce under a blacklight, to do so, while still having a visible purple dot. True UV sources, say <400nm are almost invisible to the human eye - which makes them quite neat. I have a 375nm and 365nm LED (both are 50w) and while I can...
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    488nm Diode Driver Questions

    I'm running all my 488's off cheap 2$ ebay drivers at around 200ma. Honestly, the poor electronics on the board are the limiting factor, as the drivers overheat. I can still see the beam in the dark so, eh.
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    Suggested way to focus UV?

    You should have no issues using a lens to focus it to whatever depth you like. (just for god's sake, use a glass one if you're going beyond 30mw or so). If you're going into the higher power ranges, use a lens that's coated for 405nm, they're glass, and around 10$ on amazon. I don't know why...
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    Laser driver making

    I used to pop those diodes until I went with the LM317 and a decent input voltage. There are thousands of 1$ 100-500ma CC drivers on ebay that would work for you, but again, input voltage is important (for the heat of the driver). Any reason why you want to DIY a 1-2$ part?
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    can i pump a dye laser with a 532nm dpss laser?

    What dye and solvent are you using? Molarity, pump flow rate, and nearly pure ethanol helped a whole lot (car windshield washer pumps deal with alcohols all day, run off 12v, and cost around 15$ on ebay). I just pumped Rhodamine 6g (for yellow) with a solid state ~525nm diode, at around 700ma (I...
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    Anyone here collecting parts for, or working on a DPSS project?

    I got a nice 3mm LBO from ebay for 34$ so... APPARENTLY you can pump it with dual IR wavelengths and sum into the yellows and a few other optics (and a KTP I think) to hit that yellow I want. Wow, that was one heck of an edit. Texting and walking is not my forte. I'll find the paper for you...
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    Auto Full 16 millions colour, RGB White laser handle DIY

    Nah man, In terms of HEAT capacity and dissipation, brass has around HALF the coefficient that aluminum does, which is already mediocre at best compared to copper, and to a much more tiny "diminished return" silver sink. Most aluminum alloys, yes, are 94% but have, at best 60 % of the transfer...
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    Auto Full 16 millions colour, RGB White laser handle DIY

    There's really no reason to use silver over copper when it comes to mw/mk... But it sure looks pretty. It's very easy to electroplate copper with fine silver, though - I do it often enough, and skip the usual "plate to nickel first" stage. Electrolyte (Sodium carbonate, made from baking soda...
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    7W 445nm VS. 4W 470nm

    I will say that around 125mw of output, the ~488nm diode I'm running looks about as bright as a ~800mw 445nm. That's to my eyes, with some degree of tritanopia... Not sure how that affects perceived output, as I'm not fully colour blind to blue wavelengths.
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    NDS-7175 Skyblue LD ?

    Yeah I'm ready to drop a few hundred into a SS yellow diode, just don't want to import a full pointer. Can't wait until we get these in the triple digits. The reason I got into this hobby was watching telescope AO's as a kid. As for the 7175, at this wattage, the tradeoff against single mode...
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    Dye Laser Comes to Life!

    This is my "most anticipated to see a result" thread of 2019. I've thought about messing around with something similar, but I know I don't have the manufacturing capability to do so at my current domicile. I miss having 3 axis CNC machines, and not to mention the ability to acquire pure ethanol...
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    Beam combining - effects of different wavelengths on resultant human perception.

    Chroma looks great, but for the life of me I can't get it to run under x64 windows 10... Even with the proper Mathlab compiler (7.11) and environment variables set. Bah. On an unrelated note... Mathlab is a terrible runtime. My god. I thought JRE had that award. Real PITA without backward...
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    Beam combining - effects of different wavelengths on resultant human perception.

    Replied in Quote. Thank you for the discourse. I always appreciate a good hypothetical dicussion about light, especially when I'm only starting to wrap my head around the intricacies of it. This makes obvious sense. As we approach a central wavelength of 550-560nm (depending on the...
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    Beam combining - effects of different wavelengths on resultant human perception.

    Well, I don't see a 589nm beam in my near future, mainly because it's unlawful to import - and Frankly, I just don't want to deal with that right now. I was considering metal-printing a mount to create a simple red+green combining module, throwing a dichro in, and calling it a day. Can still...