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    Anyone know this song?

    Anybody know the name of the song in this video? :undecided: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyGjpYBXSoE
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    DX30 Remake :D

    I made a RCR123 barrel for my DX30 because it was a POS and getting very unstable at low voltages from 2xAAA NiMHs.So I carefully dissasembled it with the non-destructive hack and slash on the lathe method to be put in the new host lol. The body is aluminum and the caps and button are brass.The...
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    Quick paypal question -> account verification

    Do I have to have my account verified in order to recieve payments? or to be able to transfer the money back to my account? :-/
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    "Ivan" the Tsar Bomb :O

    I just recently read about this.It is said to be the most powerful bomb ever detonated.So this thing , at 50 megatonnes , makes the more known Fat Man and Little Boy that were detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like firecrackers, having a blast yield more than 1000 times higher than...
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    Interesting laser photo! :D

    First to guess aproximately how I did it gets a cookie! ;D And yes, it involved a laser :D
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    Alternate names for the Large Hadron Collider:D

    So yea, I was getting bored ;D These are a few alternate names I could come up with for the largest and most expensive experiment in human history, what about you guys? :D
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    Google Checkout address HELP!

    I'm just gonna be a lazy retard and just ask this. Ok, so my full address contains street address, postal code, city , region and country. Paypal has a special tab for the region.Where do I put it in the google form?? Apparently I've been having trouble because of this.And i got a new problem...
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    803t/flexdrive/clear lens/RCR123A/aluminum case

    Well I was thinking that I could get a ~$40 profit on each of those ,(depends on shipping, I'll have to check).And I just wanted to see if I could potentially sell a few to make a nice $200 for a little work. :-/ It also depends if I can get free aluminum bars like I plan that I could machine in...
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    16x + DX30 - combining the cheap and hard way!

    Well here's my shot at combining green and red.I consider it a semi success considering the "precision equipment" I used. It took a lot of time and was very frustrating.Everything was wobbly, the DX30 batteries started to drain, i had to watch duty cycles, the room was hot and smeled really bad...
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    $20 Romisen laser from DX

    I was thinking about getting this laser with these batteries and I was wondering if these batteries are gonna go well with this laser (protected cells, do they fit? 4.2V ok?) And I'm also looking for a good cheap charger that anyone could recomend(from DX).Keep in mind that I live in Europe and...
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    The CHUCK NORRIS Thread!!

    I just had to :D So write your favorite Chuck Norris quotes.Not necessarily laser related(so we have more) We already know that: Everything blends, except Chuck Norris.Chuck Norris can blend everything without the help of the BlendTec blender. Chuck Norris can see IR lasers. Chuck Norris can see...
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    Idea: photodiode power meter?

    Ok so here's what my brain just made up just now: Most dvd cans have the third pin for the PD which is used to send some kind of feedback to the APC circuit to regulate the power the diode is getting.(right? :-/) So I thought , wouldn't it be possible to hook this photodiode up to your circuit...
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    Techlasers Infiniti II - W00t?

    http://www.techlasers.com/green-laser-pointer-ii-150mw-p-119.html?zenid=9befd3ddc11b3360888e98a9286e7f7b It looks like a non-CNI.Kinda has a WL touch to it's design.They claim it has excelent divergence and beam diameter for best burning.They also say it's aircooled(like all their models so...
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    Easy smoke or steam generation(for laser effect)

    Look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze7m9SAYJ3w&feature=user It's a pretty cool effect. I think that something like that portable would be really cool.I would really want to get to building something like this just so I could shoot people in the dark with it and they'd be all like...
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    TL advertising from satisfied customer(LOL)

    I don't know if some of you have already seen this,(or actually made it) but I found it pretty funny. Check out the channel at youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/LaserJackass
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    Help with caps for mini coilgun?

    Ok so I had an old camera flash with a smaller cap that didn't say anything.I added another one(parallel) I had from another camera ,this one reads 330V 200uF, and that worked well.Now I have another two 200V 470 caps that I plan on adding in parallel for more power(and probably longer charge...
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    Cheap Eye Safety for Burning

    I saw some posts a while ago about cheap eye safety covering sunglasses and different green films and stuff.I agree that eye safety is not something to be taken lightly, it's very important, but when you really can't get goggles and still want to burn stuff with the diy dvd laser there's...
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    Faster than the speed of light?

    Here's something that just came to me out of nowhere. :P If you're on a fast moving vehicle and you shine your laser in front of it, would the photons shooting from your laser travel a little bit faster than the normal speed of light? :-/