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    Looking for a special equation...

    I am looking for an equation into which you can plug a decimal number and your output will be the closest whole number. Ex1. If my input is 3.49856, the output would be 3 Ex2. If my input is 10.6987, the output would be 11 Ex3. If my input is 0.3946, the output would be 0 And so on. Pretty...
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    Just used my 1.6W 445nm for self-defense.

    Me and my father live down the street from a local pub. We were taking out the trash about 45 minutes ago and some guy who'd just been kicked out of the pub was walking down the street screaming profanities. Me and my dad walked back down our alleyway in between the houses to get back in our...
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    ~1.5W 445nm Laser Burning Things

    Here's the EXTENSIVE video. I performed 18 different "experiments" in it :D you could say I got a little carried away. The most impressive thing about this laser (at least to me) is how fast it pops balloons and lights matches! BDiqz5L4afE -Jakob
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    Modern Warfare 2 (PC) Players Out There???

    Hey, I have been playing COD:MW2 for PC for a few weeks, and I'm just wondering if anybody on LPF plays it also. I wanna play online with some of my laser buddies :D -Jakob P.S. My username on MW2 (and steam) is pianoman2011. Add me if you play!
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    WTB: Beam fan diffraction grating

    I'd like to purchase, if anybody has one, a beam-fan diffraction grating. It is a diffraction grating that splits a single beam into multiple beams, like this: • • • • • • • • • • Thanks...
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    Some sort of diffraction grating?

    Hey guys, I am looking for a "diffraction grating" (not sure if this is the name of the optic), that projects something like this when you shine a laser through it: O O O O O O O O O O O...
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    My Class IV Keychain! (505mW 12x) (Video) (Lots of Burning :D)

    This is my baby... My 12x BluRay Laser... popping caps, burning wood, lighting matches, and more! YouTube - 505mW Class IV Keychain Laser (cuts tape, pops caps, lights matches, burns paper, and more...) Please comment and rate if you like it! Enjoy :D -Jakob
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    My First Fruity Loops Beat...

    YouTube - Sick Rap Beat (Fruity Loops Studio 9) Just downloaded Fruity Loops 9 a few days ago, and this is my first attempt at making a rap beat on it... I know alot of LPFers don't like rap/hip-hop, but tell me what ya think anyways :D Thanks! -Jakob
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    Killing 19 Matches with my 220mW 405nm...

    I never filmed the deaths of so many matches... YouTube - 220mW BluRay Laser vs. 19 Matches -Jakob
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    LaserBee I Standard - Review

    Hey guys, Recently, I have found it unbearable to marvel at my father’s dashboard melting or that red match igniting without knowing how many milliwatts of coherent-goodness is behind the burning-business! So I finally decided to scrape up the cash to buy a Laserbee I Standard LPM. Within a...
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    100kW Laser + 1,000,000,000 Volts = Godly Weapon (Electrolaser)

    Recent UK Arcticle Wikipedia Article Old PopSci Arcticle :evil: -Jakob
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    My first HeNe laser (and it's not red >:D)

    Hey guys, I have been salivating over unique wavelengths ever since I got into lasers, and it's taken such a long time for me to realize that gas lasers are a fairly reasonable way to obtain some wavelengths I don't have yet. Well I had been searching around for some argon lasers on ebay and...
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    Coherent Compass - $205.00 BuyItNow on eBay

    I've heard that Coherent Compass lasers are some of the better 532nm DPSS lasers on the market. The bidding is still down at $99 and the buy it now is at $205 It's only 10mW but this is still a decent price for such a hig quality laser, right? COHERENT COMPASS GREEN DPSS YAG LASER HEAD OPTICS...
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    Pumping Ruby using 8x diodes?

    Hey guys, I've been busy this summer so I haven't been on LPF but I was reading Sam's Laser FAQ and saw this: "DPSS Ruby Lasers? While this is theoretically possible, the absorption bands of ruby (404 to 554 nm) do not match any currently readily available inexpensive high power laser diodes...
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    Download Sam's Laser FAQ?

    Hello, I was just wondering if anybody knew of a downloadable version of Sam's Laser FAQ out there. Since I don't always have internet access, it would be great to be able to download the FAQ so I can navigate it at any time. If not, I guess I better get copying and pasting to MS word! -Jakob
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    DPSS Rainbow at CLEO/PhotonXpo

    Hey guys, I just went to a laser exhibit in the Baltimore Convention Center and saw tons of cool stuff including: -Fiber-Coupled Continuous Spectrum White Laser -Optical Tweezers (a device that uses laserlight to trap particles in the micron/submicron level... I also took the short-course...
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    Ultra-Tiny (13x12mm) Green DPSS

    Anyone bought this, seen thing, know about this, or know the cost of this. CNI says its "low-cost" but their standards of cost are most likely a bit different than mine :D. http://www.cnilaser.com/PDF/S-GDL-532.pdf It's product key is S-GDL-532. And here's a link to the general category that...
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    Favorite Quotes?

    I wanna' see a list of cool/inspirational/funny quotes. Throw some out here for me! Here's a few I like: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." (-Jimi Hendrix) "A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." (-Josh...
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    LED-Based laser idea

    Hey, Would it be possible to take a really powerful LED and put it through some kind of filter that only lets through 1nm of the spectrum? Then you would only get coherent light and be able to make this into a laser, right? Or does a filter like this not exist? -Jakob
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    Suggestion :D

    Hey guys, Seeing as it's my "sweet sixteen" this Friday (May 29), I can only find it appropriate for every member on the site to send me a gift. The minimum price limit is $20, and it must be laser related. You will recieve a big virtual hug and thank you if the gift is cool enough. My address...