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    Reverse battery placement.

    If we put the batteries in reverse and the laser does not work,which of the internals has collapsed?And can I repair it?
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    new laser.

    Hi. I have received a news letter from Bang good,(from which I buy flashlights),in which I see that they are announcing a new blue laser . U King ZQ-J8 445nm Blue Light Hight Power Beam Laser Flashlight Suit With US Charger Sale - Banggood.com . Any suggestion?
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    About a laser unboxing details.

    Hi. Waiting for a refund from PayPal,(if I am lucky),because of the known case,I had a surprise today.One of the members of this forum,a Greekaustralian guy,( I am Greek),reading my unluckiness,sent me his laser,a Sci Fi one,a big boy of 500g+ weight, SS body,and copper inside.No other details.I...
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    U'King ZQ-12 445nm Blue laser.

    Do you know something about these lasers? U'King ZQ-12 445nm Blue Light Power Beam Cigarette Burning Laser Pointer Pen Single Sale - Banggood.com ? I look at the power,and see this. 1mw:1500mw 5mw:5000mw ,so I give up.Except that they may write this on the parcels, so as to pass Customs checking.
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    Question about a blue >1W, laser pointer.

    Hi all. It is my first post to your forum,so I salute you. Yesterday,I received a blue laser pointer,SHARP EAGLE ZQ-LA-301 445nm 5MW Laser Pointer, declared as having 1300-1500 MW. SHARP EAGLE ZQ-LA-301 445nm Blue High Power Buring Laser Pointer Sale - Banggood.com . I began trying it,but while...