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    Beam combining - effects of different wavelengths on resultant human perception.

    Well, I don't see a 589nm beam in my near future, mainly because it's unlawful to import - and Frankly, I just don't want to deal with that right now. I was considering metal-printing a mount to create a simple red+green combining module, throwing a dichro in, and calling it a day. Can still...
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    Import 50mw Yellow into Ontario, CA?

    So, I've never actually imported a fully built pointer into Ontario, Canada before. I'm not even certain it's legal to do so, and I'm looking for advice in this area. I've always purchased the parts, hosts, and bar stock and milled the pointer myself, done some testing, and later disassembled...
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    175ma GH04850B2G 488nm Build

    So, I really wanted to get into some of the more interesting Blue wavelengths, and I decided that 488nm would be a perfect introduction to the 470nm<x<490nm wavelength range, well, without breaking the bank. I don't have many build pics of the entire laser, as the build was rather...
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    New 520nm 500mw Build

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    15$ DIY Copper Host Tutorial for 150mw Greenie.

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a very simple, very cheap host to accept either an Aixiz module case or green assembly. As I'm a new member here, I figured I'd post the entire thing as a quick tutorial, as it truly cost me around 10$ in hardware store copper, a few dollars in tools and around 2...
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    Best Driver to Push 500mw Mitsubishi off single 3.7v Li-Ion Cell.

    So, I've done a lot of resarch about this, and I'm wondering if anyone has any first-hand recomendations. I'm putting together a mini 638nm pointer, hoping to get around 500mw from it (nothing too crazy, for battery charge lifetime) but I'll be powering it with a single 3.7v protected li-ion...