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    Machining Copper

    Does anybody have any experience in machining copper? I will be making round heat sinks first. I only have manual machines for turning,boring should I use carbide or HSS? speeds? sharp or honed edges? For milling copper, what end mills work best for copper?
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    power supply suitable for testing diodes

    I am looking for advise, I'm thinking of using only my HP E3614a power supply to power a 445nm 1w diode for first light. I thought that I should use the HP because it has a ten turn current adj pot. Is this suitable to slowly up the current and not spike the diode? Or do you guys...
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    Hello from TN , USA

    Jon here, HI, from the mountains of east TN. I am middle aged Guy with many interests. Active Amateur astronomer for 18 yrs, Telescope designer and Maker. Active Amateur machinist for 14 yrs. kind of a necessity for me. oh, almost forgot also Electronics hobbyist for 27 yrs, Always loved...