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    How do I focus this diode to the smallest point?

    Hello everyone again! I got the Nichia Nubm44 7W laser module, with a lens and such. And of course the Astral Super drive V 5A driver. I've been testing it and its kind of incredible how much light it produces. But I hand tighten the lens cap to the closest it gets but it still produces a...
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    These glasses will protect me from this diode, right?

    Hello! I'm just wanting to make sure that I dont burn out my eyes while testing my diode. Its the Nichia Nubm44 7W 450nm laser module, and the goggles are the survival laser Eagle Pair 190-540nm OD6 slipover goggles. Thanks!
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    Need some assistance here!

    Hello! Im wondering which of the contacts on the Astral Superdrive V driver is the voltage in and which contacts go to the diode itself. Im pressuming the battery leads go to the D+ and D- but want to be sure! Heres a photo:
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    Will these components work well together? Thanks :D

    Hello! Hope you guys are well. I am building a stupidly powerful laser and am wondering if these components will work well together. For the diode: Nichia NUBm44 7W laser diode. And a Astral superdrive V 5A driver. And an 18650 4.2V 3500 MAh 8A protected battery. Thanks!