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  1. netwave

    CES Show 2014 - 7th/10th January

    New technologies/gadgets now being revealed on youtube etc, as of today 7th Jan! Enjoy ;)
  2. netwave

    40mW Sanyo 635nm LDs on Ebay

    Just found these 635nm 40mw Sanyo LD's on ebay that maybe of interest to some of you! Sayno DL-6148-030 635nm 40mW Red Laser Diode on eBay (end time 22-Dec-10 12:37:42 GMT) They are listed at $50USD each buy it now, however I put in an offer of $20 & got accepted bargain :) I think these would...
  3. netwave

    Variable dimensions on Aixiz Module

    I just attempted to slot a new Aixiz module into my host but it did not fit until I tried another which slotted in a dream. Has anyone else experienced this with an Aixiz? 12.07mm too big vs 11.97mm dia snug fit.
  4. netwave

    How do I get a 1N4006 to work on the new style O-Like driver?

    Evening all! I have a few questions I hope someone can help me with... I've got one of the new style O-Like modules which voltage range is 3-3.7v but would ideally like to use one of my better 17670 batteries rather than a shorter lived 3-3.7v RCR123 Id like to know if it's at all possible...
  5. netwave

    New Style 200mw O-Like Module Review

    Hi all I recently took a gamble and purchased the new Style 200mw green module from O-Like $136 delivered! I've decided to share my findings In the hope it will benefit others. I will be as descriptive and as accurate as possible. I know allot of you want to compare this module to the DX...
  6. netwave

    ~ Battery Guidance for Lasers ~

    Hi Peeps I have various Rechargable CR123A batteries un-branded: 3.7 volts ~ 650 mAH Ultrafires: 3.7 volts ~ 800 mAH un-branded: 3.7 volts ~ 1000 mAH I have read my new 1000 mAH batteries will fully charge up to 4.2 volts before the charger will auto stop! & That after half an hour...
  7. netwave

    12mm x 54mm Green laser module

    Does anyone know if you can get a green laser module, Dimensions: 12mm W x 54mm L above 100mw mark? Looking for a true 200mw 0-Like do a 200mw Dimensions:12mm W x 62.5 L mm But im unsure wether the barrel can be trimmed down as much as 8.5mm Anyone?