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  1. Richie89

    301, 302 , 303 , 304 lasers............

    I find these cheap 850-851 301 and 303 lasers really fun because I buy them and take them apart just to see how hard I can push these modules. theyre really not gonna get much more than about 80 maybe 100 mw but theyre so fun to mess with cause theyre so cheap. :)
  2. Richie89

    DTR G8 lens

    WooooHoooo new lenses! I cant wait to get a couple of these. thanks for the testing Red, and thanks Jordan for some new optics :)
  3. Richie89

    BestLaserPointers.com 3W review

    for some reason I glanced at the pics and thought you did all that burning with that little key chain laser and was like WTF!!! lol. those are pretty cool but I would personally buy that from Laserpointerstore.com since I have literally purchased 11 lasers from there and they always arrive in...
  4. Richie89

    Solarforce L2E Build w/M462 (Pic Heavy)

    yeah I totally forgot that in order to do that you have to have a 3rd party. lol I now remember you telling me that like 2 years ago, you would think I would remember this. thanks Jeff :D
  5. Richie89

    Solarforce L2E Build w/M462 (Pic Heavy)

    very cool Jeff! one question, I always see people when they post pics like you have done but I cant figure out how to post them where they automatically show up as big pictures instead of the boxes you have to click on. how do I do that? do I have to do the 3rd party thing still? thanks buddy
  6. Richie89

    532nm module Soap box build

    took me long enough to get on here and look LOL that's one cool eclipse build :O love it! that's actually pretty good It seems like, yeah I think I may do the same and just order a bunch of 532 modules, wouldn't hurt to have a few laying around for future stuff :)
  7. Richie89

    Sell thread,host and laser,405nm ,450nm,638nm

    that's so cool! I knew that was you :)
  8. Richie89

    Sell thread,host and laser,405nm ,450nm,638nm

    just out of curiosity. have you commented on my Facebook? I swear that's you. if so then Hi! :)
  9. Richie89

    Laserland green 510nm laser review.

    very nice indeed. Laserlands have always treated me right :)
  10. Richie89

    Sanwu or jet lasers?

    that's a tough one because theyre both good. like really good. mmmm go with Both ;)
  11. Richie89

    Phlatlight driver

    totally off topic Pete but I was playing with that RiverRock 100mw 532nm I bought from you two years ago and its still running great! that Streamlight 98mw stylus I don't use much because its too nice to play with :) so glad to see you on here because I wasn't getting on in months and missed all...
  12. Richie89

    532nm module Soap box build

    thanks buddy :) that's actually a very good idea. deeply noted. yeah I would love to machine my own stuff but I simply cant afford a Lathe :( I guess making lasers out of strange things is the next best thing 🆒 haha yeah that's actually what my dad said, he said it certainly looks suspicious if...
  13. Richie89

    532nm module Soap box build

    I got really bored last night and remember that I had a soap box left from my trip in Florida. I also remember that I had a 532 JD 850 laying around so I just pulled the module from that and had some parts laying around like battery carriers and switches. This is the funny part. I wired...
  14. Richie89

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Yeah that thing is nuts! How you been SGD? Glad to see you’re still here. I don’t get on as much as I used to, I actually forgot my password a while back and had to sit for like an hour trying to remember lol!
  15. Richie89

    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    Maybe Sony 12x or Pioneer 16x. No idea really :(
  16. Richie89

    FS: Sanwu Laser store - RGB handheld lasers, 405nm,445nm,465nm,470nm,505nm,515nm,520nm,525nm,635nm,650nm

    Hey PODO just letting you know that you might need to fix your price on your RGB. It says $80. Just letting you know :)
  17. Richie89

    Sanwu 60mW 488nm Pocket Laser Review

    very nice, i was just playing with my 488nm Pocket yesterday. Podo does great work. which Is funny because I never play with it in fear of dropping it and breaking it. lol! but when I do use it it still amazes me to know I have a wavelength that just a couple years ago was over $1000.
  18. Richie89

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    okay good, that's what I figured. I like that type of simplicity. thanks so much GSS ;) hey Red, sorry that's actually what I meant by plug. thanks for clarifying :) Ive actually got a small 2 cell 10440 2.4A NDB7875 pen Rich built me about a year ago and its still going strong to this day...
  19. Richie89

    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    Hey Podo. It seems that my review for your Cyan laser is getting some attention so I shared your link on my YouTube channel :)