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    Green module solder mod = 40mW increase without podmodding

    Just wanted to share an experiment with you that successed for me and increased the output power by about 40mW without potmodding it. My goal was not to increase the output but to make it more stable by better cooling the cristals so they do not heat up that fast. in the past I successed by...
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    SomePics of decanned IR diode / fixing a greenie

    Just wanted to share some pics with you I made while fixing a green lasermodule where I had to replace a LED´ed IR diode. Here you see three 1W 9mm IR diodes. To the right a canned one. In the middle another one but already decanned and to the left a decanned one inside the brass housing...
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    Review: Lazerer LZSK - 532nm 400mW Green Laser Pointer w/ Case + Goggles

    LZSK - 532nm 400mW Green Laser Pointer w/ Case + Goggles This is my first review and English also not my native language, so sorry for the mistakes. Shipping/Packaging Ordered this Laser on 24.08.2011. The laser was shipped from Hong Kong on 29.08.2011 and arrived 10 day later to me. The...