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    Looking to buy 445nm fully build lasers

    Im looking to buy some fully built 445nm lasers in the 1.5-1.6 W range PM me with quotes with Batts and Chargers, Im a reputable user trying to get the job done. thanks..
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    Server Migrations

    Does anyone in the southern Cali are have experience with 2003 SBS to Server 2012 migrations experience? Moving from SBS 2003 with AD and EXCH to stand alone 2012 AD? EXCH will be O365. Thanks and please let me know ASAP.
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    Does anyone else thin we should just pay it foward?

    nwAYpLVyeFU forgot how to embed <fixed it for ya>
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    Older Kenometer , Can it be made to read 2W+ ?

    The title says it all but I have a Kenometer with a coherent sensor. Can this be modified to read 2W+ ? at 2W it goes to 1 and sticks until power is lowered. or ill take a trade for aportable unit that does 2W+ This is an original Kenometer. Thanks
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    XJ-1750 Projector - Non Vets Thread

    The C@sio projector still uses laser technology but its rated for 4000 lumens!! The one thing we dont know is if it has the same number of diodes OR the same number of diodes but at higher output!!! Chime in with your links or personal thoughts! At over 2 grand for a unit , i doubt we will...
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    looking for Boost drivers..

    looking for Boost drivers.. Please let me know what you have available.
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    Anyone have any boost drivers for sale?

    Looking to buy 5-6 Boost drivers for 445nm diodes. Thanks
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    The wonder of "Women"

    I decided to make this thread because of the one biggest thing that intruiges me , besides laser, is women. Women are welcomed to comment or solve some of the mysteries... Here are some of the things I have noticed and yet they perplex me as a man: 1. Although they play to be weak and in...
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    New BDXL writers available at Frys

    Here is the link... Anyone want to guinea pig one? FRYS.com | PIONEER
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    FS: 2 XJ-A140 Laser Arrays (24) diodes per array

    This is a thread to see what kind of interest there is for the entire array, as well as the sale thread in case anyone wants to buy em. They have been stripped down to the main diodes still attached to the heatsink by the ribbon. Includes lenses. looking to get 30.00 a diode @ 24 = 720.00...
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    Forum Reading app For idevices

    Great app to read and post in forum it's called 'forums' and im using it to post right now. This is a test as well.
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    New bluray diodes avail soon

    Sony launches first 400mW blue–violet laser diode for Blu-ray | R&D Mag $12.00 dollars for samples? We need to start ordering some. These are being used in the new bdxl standard that allows multi layer bd writing. Pioneer Announces World's First BDXL Burner The diodes are rated @ 400mw...
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    Beautiful coin!!

    World's biggest gold coin for sale It weighs 100KG of 9999 pure gold. 1 millioon dollar face value. Im an amateur numismatic and while this is not the holy grail , it is definitely up there! Anyone else collect coins?
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    Merged 445nm Pictures and Video Thread

    Here is the top of it Here the optics just fall out after removing the aperture grill underside, I haven't removed the ribbon yet. One lens, I tdont have anything to measure the lens' dimensions. I will mount a diode in an aixiz and one of these lenses in a jayrob modified aixiz...