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  1. f22warzone

    30x melles griot Beam expander

    Hi, I am trying to sell my 30x for 80$ but it has a broken front optic tho the end is is good condition. it happen when i was trying to clean it and the little optic rolled off the desk and hit the ground and shatter : ( would have to finish calling up melles griot to get a new one but i...
  2. f22warzone

    Melles Griot 10x Beam Expander 250$

    Melles Griot 10X Beam Expander 09 LBM 013 - eBay (item 150410340697 end time Mar-04-10 19:00:05 PST) Says its in almost new condition .... would be a steal : )
  3. f22warzone


    YouTube - 0211102044-00.3gp i don't know how to do the in media thing so if some body would post that it would be great sorry for the crappy camera it was my hope other wise i bet this would have been alot cooler the best is from 2:50 on
  4. f22warzone

    Need A Big (8-10A) constant voltage driver

    Ok for my current project I need a 5v voltage regulator with ~12A worth of power going through it but the current does not need to be limited just the voltage. I also need 12v with ~4A of power and the same thing, only voltage needs to be constant the current it doesn’t matter as long as its...
  5. f22warzone

    Just when you have lost all hope in humanity

    Just when you have lost all hope in humanity sights like this appear Home - GivesMeHope - Like FML, but for optimists! to show you that there is still good in this world Its a good sight if you like to read FML un laser related but ever body needs to know that theirs still good out their...
  6. f22warzone

    1.5W Viasho/ScanPro 40's/FB3 Reviw's (lot of pic)

    So Today I am reviewing my 1.5W Viasho Laser I got directly from Viasho through a guy named Frank. Plus Scan pro 40’s from Dave at Lasershow Parts And the FB3 from Pangolin Laser Systems My scanner is not done this is just a mock up done with stick tape : ) just so I could make sure all my...
  7. f22warzone

    *Sold* RPL 450

    Looking to sell my RPL 450 as I am getting into lab style lasers and scanners and need some money This is the new review of it and I want to get 998$ + PP and how ever you want it shipped. Does NOT include beam expander .The warranty label is still on the laser, include paperwork, 1 of the old...
  8. f22warzone

    Laserbee LPM measure over 1W?

    I am just wondering What would happen if you shined a say 1.3W laser onto the LPM has any body used their laserbee for such high power? if i did such a thing I would make sure the dot covers the whole surface area of the sensor and not just a small dot to minimize the power over area and...
  9. f22warzone

    WaterProffing and RPL?

    Waterproofing and RPL? Hi I was just wondering if anybody has came up with a case design on how to water proof say an rpl or even an rpl with a beam expander my guess with a little bit of searching has came up with no as who would really want to test this case vs. a 1500$ laser : ) a few...
  10. f22warzone

    RPL 450 Repaird 581mw Peak : )

    So ya I didn't feel like re taking pictures from my old review as the laser still looks the exact same in the only thing that changed was the module inside the laser The reason I had to turn it in under warranty work is because my older laser gave out and would only output 2-300mw occasionally...
  11. f22warzone

    Best place for difraction gratings

    I know nova lasers and Dragon lasers have nice diffraction gratings but their kinda expensive and the nova ones i would have to cut to get to work with my rpl so i am just wondering if their are other places for nice diffraction gratings and i really want a nice line generating optic but i...
  12. f22warzone

    RPL 450 For Sale

    Selling my 450 because i hardly ever use it any more and i am thinking of getting a more powerful Herc lasers : ) Comes with 4 18650 batteries and the original, and the optics kit that jack also sells have had it for about 6 months now with about 10 hours on it have adjustable and locking tale...
  13. f22warzone

    RPL 450 + 30X Beam Expander Review

    Well I have here is the mother of all handheld lasers for pointing as I have a RPL 450 with the 30X beam expander :) The specs that were given with the laser was 469mw avg with peaks above 500mw : ) this makes me happy. The divergence is roughly 0.8mrad witch is good : ) and with the 30x beam...
  14. f22warzone

    Melles Griot 30x expander good deal?

    Dont know if this would go under general or deals section but i just picked this up off e bay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&item=160289598010 and was wondering if i got a good deal : ) now i just need to get an attachment for my rpl and wow watch out...
  15. f22warzone

    Custom RPL lens holder/possibly heatsync

    Here is my custom lens holder I made out of an old mag light..... All you have to do is bore out the threads with some type of drill.... i used a high-speed with a sanding wheel. It is advised that you bore it out further then what you need so you can use a piece of tape to keep it from...
  16. f22warzone

    RPL 425 Review with Power Meter Test

    Ok before I start this review I would like to thank pseudonomen137(Carter) for allowing me to meet up with him so I could test my laser on his meter witch was a Coherent FieldMax II TO with a PM3Q sensor….. Was a very nice meter with data logging so I do have the logs for all the test. The...
  17. f22warzone

    cheep well made beam expander?

    Well I was going to buy some diffraction gratings from dragon lasers when I saw this http://www.dragonlasers.com/product.php?productid=16332&cat=285&page=1 and was wondering if any body had used this thing before or if any body owns one...... if somebody did own one could you tell me the size...
  18. f22warzone

    RPL 425

    this is a video of my rpl lighting a waterproof unsharpeid match in a test tube in a fish tank :P RPL does 440mw avg and close to 570 Peak : ) and here are sum pic of it and evey thing i got :P got to love that form discount
  19. f22warzone

    Just bough a RPL 425 : )

    Yep after requesting my money back from dx for the 200mw 18650 laser I decided to go with optotronics and get the rpl 425 : ) man I hope it can light matches :P. also got the goggles and the optics kit so hopefully all this stuff will be in by Wednesday :P ....... going to be a long wait : )...
  20. f22warzone

    First Red match lighter for 3$ :P

    Yes I made a red laser for 3$ :P.... I am using one abused diode out of a light scribe cd/dvd burner that I bough off my friend for 3$ as it wouldn’t read or burn cd's any more. Anyway I took it all apart and used a blow torch to loosen up the glue around the diode and removed its heat sink with...