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  1. jupiter8

    Bio-Scanner Mk.1

    Thought I'd share my latest expereiment with you. This was built as a laser effect light for my "tunes room". I call it my bio-scanner, because it reminds me of the lifeform scanners in sci-fi movies. When it's running in a dark smoke filled room you get the unnerving feeling that it's...
  2. jupiter8

    Wanted to buy - LCC

    I'm looking to buy a LCC diode from a GGW sled. I have one and need another for a project, bu don't want to spend $50 on a sled right now. Anyone have one or know where I can buy one?
  3. jupiter8

    maximum distance balloon pop?

    What's the maximum distance you've popped a balloon at with a 405nm laser? I only have a 6x diode running here.
  4. jupiter8

    Beam correction optics

    Has anyone got anamorphic prisms or cylindrical lenses built into a 445 build, portable or lab style? I'm about to buy Dr. Lava's cylindrical lens pair and intend to mount them permanently in a lab build. I'll post pictures when I get it working, can others post any pictures of improvements to...
  5. jupiter8

    Kiss laser'd - hilarious

    I thought this was pretty funny. The guy with the laser was damn lucky if he got out of their with his laser still in his possession and OUTSIDE of his body. LOL OWd-OJbcbgs
  6. jupiter8

    GGW-H20L first time harvesting *image heavy*

    I know this has been convered and the 6X diodes are "old news", but I'm excited and besides I took a few nice pics which someone might find useful. I really took my time harvesting the diodes from this sled, determined not to have any disasters. It's a nice sled, love the PBS cubes, dichros and...
  7. jupiter8

    Test-load torment - wth is going on!?

    I was up late last night building myself a nice little test-load. As you know it's pretty simple stuff, put it all together with a switch to flick between 6x IN4001s and 4x IN4001s. I've got a nice convenient socket to plug the multi-meter leads into and aligator clips for hooking it up to the...
  8. jupiter8

    o-like dichros - good deal?

    I noticed this set of 2 dichroic filters on o-like's website, only $29 for the pair. Anyone know if these are a quality product? I can't find them for anywhere near this price on other sites. RGB combining system I'm planning to start building my scanner with these, getting the optics together...
  9. jupiter8

    Samsung TS-H552U 16X burner

    I picked up one of these yesterday for $5, a bit of serendipity actually, I was driving and spotted a second hand computer store, grotty looking place with hand drawn signs all over the front of it, so pulled in on the off chance. The red diode in this drive is a closed can, 5.6mm diode...
  10. jupiter8

    A130 pulsed output

    My A130 diode, running off a DIY DDL driver at 1A is definitely giving a pulsed output. I suspected it when moving the beam around quickly noticed a strobing dot. Now I've been bouncing it off a spirograph and it's unmistakable, the circle is divided into segments rather than continuous like my...
  11. jupiter8

    Smoke and mirrors - 445 and 650

    A few of the better pics from tonight's session, very simple toys, mirrors on motors, ~750mW 445nm, ~250mW 650nm. And now with 532nm for good measure
  12. jupiter8

    Useful graphics

    I decided to make a graphic with the different diodes we use arranged on the visual spectrum. I've seen a few graphics like this but I thought I could make a nice looking one which could be sticky'd here on the forum as a reference. Do you guys think something like this would be useful...
  13. jupiter8

    Dichro pieces

    I was given three bits of dichroic glass, I'm not sure if it's true optical filter quality but it's pretty nice stuff. All three are different so I tested them with 3 wavelengths and here are the results (rough, subjective assessments only): Looks like only one of them is really useful, C...
  14. jupiter8

    Retro laser!

    Well I found a home for my first 445nm build in the form of an old power supply. This thing was thrown in the bin at work and I pulled it out, stripped the transformer, bridge and rheostat and made use of the switch and fuse holder. It had a 0.5A fuse in it which, unsurprisingly blew the first...
  15. jupiter8

    Home made LM-317 Driver

    I've built this circuit based on advice I've gleaned from the forum here, and some help from HIMNL9. It's all soldered up ready to go. I'm nervous to hook this us to my A-130 diode. I'll run through the tests I've done, please be patient with me I'm new at this. Hooked up Blu-Ray dummy load...
  16. jupiter8

    Music made for lasers

    I'm a long time fan of electronic music, have pretty diverse tastes stretching back to the beginnings of the genre to the present day. I've always thought Skylined, by The Prodigy would make the perfect accompaniment to a laser show. It's a lesser known piece by the real creative genius behind...
  17. jupiter8

    1W potted LED Driver - OK for A140?

    I picked up one of these today and intend to use it to drive an A-140 diode. I'll test it carefully with a dummy load and make sure I run it with a regulated psu, anyone see any potential issues with this driver for LDs? High power LED Driver - AA0596
  18. jupiter8

    24X Liteon iHAS324-32Y - Successful harvest and implementation

    I've had a very productive evening in the workshop; picked up this DVD burner today for AU$26, 24X, I thought it was worth experimenting with even if it was a pain in the butt. I've pulled apart a few DVD drives now so it went smoothly, the sled looks pretty standard, with no PBS cube, but...
  19. jupiter8

    Best collimated laser you've ever seen / owned

    I remember reading that NASA was using a laser to measure fluctuations in the orbit of the moon, bouncing a high powered laser off a mirror array left on the moon during one of the Apollo missions. I was considering the divergence problem over the distance (~380,000km), it's amazing they can do...
  20. jupiter8

    My first DIY driver

    I'm quite happy with this for my first attempt, however when testing it using a dummy load it only delivered 150mA... I used a single 2R2ohm resistor in series with the 100ohm pot on the base of the LM317. I thought using a lower value resistor would give me a higher max. current? Anyone willing...