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    Looking to buy 445nm fully build lasers

    Im looking to buy some fully built 445nm lasers in the 1.5-1.6 W range PM me with quotes with Batts and Chargers, Im a reputable user trying to get the job done. thanks..
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    Copper Pen Host - The Cypreus Series [Update post #15]

    Is there a way to coat the host so that it keeps the copper look without the darkening tarnish? Like a clear finish?
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    Good 7" Tablet?

    I currently have a the nexus 7 2013. Its great and everything works, and it is customizable as far as ROM's etc..
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    New Nichia 9mm 1W 520nm diode (NDG7475T)

    Re: New Nichia 9mm 1W 520nm diode Question for the initiated: What would be a suitable driver and power source for these? BTW: I cant wait to put this diode into my silver RPL !!!
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    SOLD:3W+ 445 in C11 host by Mrcrouse

    Re: FS:3W+ 445 in C11 host by Mrcrouse Quick question. How long does it hold the 3+W reading?
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    NEW 1.5-2.5W 445nm Blue/Black Ice/Flash Freeze Lasers FREE US Shipping

    Re: IN STOCK: NEW 1.3-2.5W 445nm Blue Ice/Black Ice/Flash Freeze Lasers FREE US Shipp remove the batteries when not in use, that's a bit too excessive. Anyways , back on topic , I received my lasers today and they are perfect. from shipping to a solid feeling build quality. Thanks!
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    Win thread

    Win or lose , you decide. These are protesters lasering a government helicopter
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    New Toy :)

    I also have a new toy, its a Nikon D800, Any suggested lenses?
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    Windows 8

    Yeah but you can switch to a local account once your in.
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    What is your internet connection speed?

    Upload sucks
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    Best in ear headphones?

    for me these have been the best great crisp highs and deep lows and strong mids... Amazon.com: J.Fi Acoustic Natural Ebony Wood and Metal Fusion Earphones (Ebony / Titanium): Electronics J.Fi Acoustic Natural Ebony Wood and Metal Fusion Earphones (Ebony / Titanium)
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    FS: SS SH-032 3.3W 450nm SH-032 w/Chrger

    From a Thermopile as opposed to a an optical senor? Also I must digress as this is not the correct thread to discuss the differences. Please continue on your Buy/Sell/Trade thread.
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    FS: SS SH-032 3.3W 450nm SH-032 w/Chrger

    I have a question about this. Yes photons are photons , but if we are using a thermal sensor , wouldn't the distance , let's say 3 inches matter from 5 ft? If the sensor is sensitive enough it may give a false reading. I know our hobby may not be down to the .00th degree but I think we should...
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    The NEW 2013 Limited Edition - Magic Stick V4 LTE SquareOne

    Received my 2 hosts today!! Thank you!!
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    Server Migrations

    Does anyone in the southern Cali are have experience with 2003 SBS to Server 2012 migrations experience? Moving from SBS 2003 with AD and EXCH to stand alone 2012 AD? EXCH will be O365. Thanks and please let me know ASAP.
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    Does anyone else thin we should just pay it foward?

    nwAYpLVyeFU forgot how to embed <fixed it for ya>
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    SOLD: *3.1w* C11 445nm - $325 shipped!!!

    Re: FS: *3.1w* C11 445nm - $330 shipped!!! ? Does that mean you bought it ?
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    In Stock : 3-3.5Watt 445nm Copper Dominator, 2x26650 blue laser.

    Re: For sale: 3+Watt Copper Dominator, 2x26650 blue laser. Aside from the excellent builds , your pictures are nice and clear. What camera are you using?
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    [SOLD] Flashlights Sale! Modded Skyray King

    Re: [UPDATED] Massive Lights Sale! SKings, Jetbeam, Crelants, Nitecore, and more! interested in the Gold Fandyfire Clone Skyray King , please pm me payment info