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  1. f22warzone

    Texas Laserist Meet. Postponed to Fall

    Re: Texas laserist meet. will have to see what i am doing..... if i can show up i will bring 1.6w 532nm scanner and a fog machine : )
  2. f22warzone

    Merged 445nm Pictures and Video Thread

    Re: 445nm "sled" pics So who is going to be the first one to collimate all 24x of these 1W beast and make one heck of a laser? Even if we turned each one down to .5W for heat and lost a few mw from lenses I bet we could get 8W of blue : ) I know I would drop down 1.5k for such a system : )
  3. f22warzone

    Anyone here is audiophile?

    Yes you are correct the v5 is nice but i belive archos has the market in pmp
  4. f22warzone

    Anyone here is audiophile?

    I like audio but dont know if i am an audiophile : ) cowon s9 32gb atrio m5 headphones ( best bass ever in a headphone that i have listened to ) and a modest car audio system with ~4kW peak power : ) or ~2kW rms : )
  5. f22warzone

    CNI Laser 150mW

    Again the cni will be of higher quality then the newwish type module that opto sells.... the only difference I believe is that opto specs the lasers before send them out and puts them through some test to make sure they don’t fail on their customer in the first week of owning it. Though this is...
  6. f22warzone

    Optotronics Blue RPL-70 $300 SOLD

    Re: Optotronics Blue RPL-70 $350 Ive never under stood why people will quote a long post and not take the time to edit out the pictures of the quot so we dont see the same picutes 5x sorry for the small rant just wondering but what did jack say when you sent this back to him? or did you...
  7. f22warzone

    CNI Laser 150mW

    this guy has a point cni is like comparing ford to ..... well better not start this with another mec in the room : ) but really i have no experience with rayfoss but my alpha 125 was handed down to 3 people and i lost track of it after that i now have a 2nd hand x 125 .... so as you can see...
  8. f22warzone

    CNI Laser 150mW

    you know you could buy ray foss now and have it break in your freshman year or you could spend the extra and get the cni series and have it out last your college days ...... little bit more money up front is a lot less money down the road
  9. f22warzone

    who think that is stupid to light matches VERY NEAR one by one?

    where can i find such a match i will try to light it : ) good thing for safety glasses : ) but really it should be no chance for 1.8W focused :P
  10. f22warzone

    ATI vs Nvidia

    100+'f isn’t all that bad now 100'C is really bad : ) I have 4 140mm 140cfm fans in my case so it gets good air flow : ) The biggest problem I have is running 2x 5970 dual gpu cards they get toasty on their own let alone stacked side by side but I did make a nice spacer solution with a force...
  11. f22warzone

    Flash on Iphone/Ipad/Itouch???

    couldnt agree more with you : ) also for any body that uses an i pod you dont have to use i tunes you can simply use media monkey its an awesome program : ) i use it for my cowon s9 : )
  12. f22warzone

    ATI vs Nvidia

    108f idle isnt bad its prety good mine are siting at 61'c idle or 141'f look at nvidas new cards they idle at like 85'c and run at 110'c
  13. f22warzone

    FS: CNI 150, Averages 170mw, Peaks 180mw

    Haha well I was just using a ruler and it looked to be 1.8 but with special tools I would bet your measurements are better than mine : ) so there you have it your rpl has a beam diameter of around 1.4mm : ) but even then the pen series is still <1 giving it more power per area : ) but man rpl's...
  14. f22warzone

    FS: CNI 150, Averages 170mw, Peaks 180mw

    your rpl has a beam diameter of about 1.5-2mm whare as the pens are about .5-1mm giving it a greater power to area ratio then an rpl
  15. f22warzone

    532nm FLX 125 Beamshots!

    what type of fog are you using?
  16. f22warzone

    ATI vs Nvidia

    i am running the 5970 if that counts its 2x 5870 : ) what i can tell you is that the 5870 will be a great over clocked : ) thought GTA4 was a CPU dependent game? also if you do get a 5870 you have to get 2 more monitors Eyefinity is where its at : )
  17. f22warzone

    Telescope and Lasers..?

    If its the right telescope that is exactly right its just an over sized beam expander : )
  18. f22warzone

    Vets section

    Do kind of agree with the op that vet should be both time and post wise but I really don’t see the point of a vet section nor do I really care to be in it at the time (would be cool though if you want to promote me :P ) and it really doesn’t bother me considered all the content I need is in the...
  19. f22warzone

    ATI vs Nvidia

    ya their expensive but man do they OC like pros : ) ya oc a gfx card I have one card that will do 940 clock and 1250 memory and the other does 910 clock and 1250 memory : ) Their sapphire oc versions and were only 635$ when you could find them but ya now they’re up to 700$ new well it’s the...
  20. f22warzone

    ATI vs Nvidia

    I use to run 2x gtx 285 evga in sli and let me tell you the nvida drivers kind of suck and plus that latest driver they released that actually burnt out peoples card is just bad I am now ruing 2x 5970 in quad fire : ) but the problem is ati drivers also kind of suck because you can’t use quad...