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    RGB hand-held laser

    Hi, I've been working on this project for a while, several months+ and it's time to start cutting some metal this week. The laser head contains the 3 lasers, planned to be 400mw of red, 150mw of green and a M140 for blue which will be set about 500mw or so to give the best colour balance. I...
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    Red and Blue diode options (RGB)

    Hi All, I'm looking at starting a simple RGB project. Power ratio of 2.1.2 RGB i.e 400mw Red, 200mw green and 400mw blue approx. Options are the Mitsubishi 300mW 635nm diode, a standard 200mw green module and a M140 running at low current (or A140). My concern is matching the divergence, i...
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    Lil 405

    Hi, My little bluray, PHR-803 diode Driver is a small boost from Odicforce (£4.30) set at 95ma Host is a £0.99 from Zeebay (4" x 7/8") Runing off 1 3.7V CR123a The heatsink is a direct press with a 3 element lens. For a low power / low cost laser, I love the fuzzy, sparkly glow it gives. ATB MM
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    1.5w C6 'build'

    Hi, Well, not so much of a build as fit a diode :yh: This is the kit I was super lucky to win in the Mogasam JAD givaway a few weeks ago I made a new heat-sink which is a direct press, (Aiaxis's just doesn't seem right to me:confused:), pressed in the diode and fit battery and powered up. (If...
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    50mw Greene

    Hi, Here is my first little greene. Host is a £2.00 from ebay. Green module is from Odicforce £12.50 Currently running on 1CR123 (with sleeve and spacer) until I get a 18650 I might change the module for a 100 or 150mw when I save some coins;) ATB MM
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    Advantages / disadvantages of direct press fit?

    Hi All, Looking at most builds and custom heat sinks, they appear to use the axixs module. A direct press 'must' give better heat transfer, so why aren't there more direct press out there? I'm about to fit a M140 and will machine up a sink to make this a direct press, but if there is a good...
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    Battery sizes

    Hi, I learned something today about battery sizes.... 10440 battery is 10mm diameter x 44 long 14500 is 14mm dia x 50 long 18650 is 18mm dia x 65 long etc. Maybe I was the last to know :barf: ATB MM
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    Linear driver ready or the 3.8mm Red GB diode

    Hi all, Here is my effort at at LM1085 linear driver, it's set at 570mA. It's for the Laserer 3.8mm GB Red diode, my host is nearly finished so "it's a plan comming together". I'll glue on the heat sink and may cut another in half to cool the resistor, taking care not to short it out. ATB MM
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    Home brew test load

    Hi all, I thought I'd share my effort at a test load, well two actually. The biggie has a 1% 20W SMT sense resistor and 8A diodes. You can select the number of diodes by moving the 2mm "banana" jump lead, the sockets are just a 5mm brass rod with a 2mm hole drilled in the centre and soldered...
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    Yourlasers - DX

    Hi, I'm looking at ordering a flash-light style 200mw 532nm laser from Yourlasers.com Has anyone experience of ordering from the UK? How was the service from YL and is there any risk giong through UK customs? ATB Derek
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    Omnichrome 200m multi-line

    Hi All, I'm thinking of selling my 200mw argon. I bought it new from Lamda photometrics and used it for laser show hire, way back when! Its mint , 670hrs and a large proportion of that running it was on standby. I haven't checked the power but it looks like it's still doing very well. 110vac...