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  1. EpicHam

    Lasers - Possible use as a Distress Signal?

    We've all held a laser in our hands , and in close range ,the beam at just 500mw+ is PHENOMENAL but how does it look from range of say... 1-10km away tho? Cos at close range... sure .... the scattering is pretty impressive but is the scattering strong enough to be seen from afar tho? Just...
  2. EpicHam

    How does heat shorten laser life?

    We often hear about how overdriving a diode will shorten its life , fry the dye and what have you. That I get.. (actually I don't get it technically) What I don't get is how does heat shorten the life of a laser. I mean.. there's no moving parts. Diode, driver , electricity source. Bam ...
  3. EpicHam

    CNI-PGL-III-C Trade with firelaser - prompt payment , quick pickup , good questions

    Alright , so it's a wrap for the sales of my old CNI PGL-III-C 532nm 500mW laser. With the shutting down of the CNI portable laser branch it might very well be a very rare hobbyist item by 2015 , and its now owned by firelaser. Very prompt payments , quick PM replies and accurate no-nonsense...
  4. EpicHam

    Curious Quote : How much will this cost me?

    Sigh...... I knew this laser hobby is a whirlpool for monnney and I was right... WELP there goes my saving plans. I'm curious about how much would it take for someone with the hands of a pianist to assemble a laser for someone with twigs stapled to burger patties for hands. Starting from the...
  5. EpicHam

    QUESTION! Nichia 1.4W NDB7675 vs M462 462nm Laser Diode

    So I've been browsing DTR's webpage lately... you know... cos I fear imminent laser market collapse and I find something interesting in the 462nm range. inb4 any judging sets in. I'm a COMPLETE NUB with regards to lasers. I'm not that rich and if I break it assembling something I'm done .. no...
  6. EpicHam

    Business Idea - Kinda like how Dell build your computer

    I have an IDEA! You know how back in the 90s and early 2000s all computers are sold in a prepackaged box with fixed hardware that the manufacture think the customers will like after doing extensive market research? In comes Dell who allows the user to design their own computer online and choose...
  7. EpicHam

    Is the END of portable lasers nigh?

    I just read that CNI will soon be ceasing production of all portable , pointer , handheld , anything that runs of battery power starting 2015. Dragon Laser's 589nm DPSS spartans are also now in "limited supply". Laserglow is also closing production of portable lasers I've heard. With all...
  8. EpicHam

    3 element lens for 2W+ lasers?

    Traditionally when it comes to lasers in excess of power of 1W , the only safe option would be using an all glass G-2 lens for fear that the arcyllic lens may melt as the lens heats up . Now I'm wondering....... why not use another material that won't melt then? There are plenty of glass...
  9. EpicHam

    Help a newbie : US FDA Importation Requirements

    Hello everyone. I'm pretty new to selling lasers on the internet internationally so I need someone to mark if I've fulfilled all the FDA requirements for laser importation into the states. I'm looking at the FDA Laser Import Guidance as we speak. It has quite a few requirements so I'll list...
  10. EpicHam

    Laser price change over time?

    Now I've recently gotten back into the laser hobby after a long break I've been scooping various laser vendor sites lately.... I'm kinda surprised how little the price has changed. For example a 500mW 532nm DPSS laser still cost almost $500 brand new. A 450nm 1W+ laser still cost upward of...
  11. EpicHam

    Shipping Lasers - Do you need ESD Protection?

    Hello there everyone , now I understand that lasers are sensitive components and the diodes and the PCB components could easily be damaged by ESD or power surges . Now I've seen people ship motherboards and computer components in an anti-static bag , what I'm curious about is , is it necessary...
  12. EpicHam

    For Sale : Preowned 595mW 532nm Green Laser - CNI PGL-III-C Adjustable Focus - Mint C

    Ok, lets do this again. Price readjusted , more pictures , more photos , more info. Laser for Sale Manufacturer CNI Product series PGL-III-C Wavelength (color) 532nm (green) CNI Factory Recorded Outpit 595mW LPM Recorded Output 655mW Previous owner EpicHam Current laser location...
  13. EpicHam

    Laser Goggles ( As in ... lasers COMING OUT of your goggles)

    I'll let the video do the talking. Awesome single mode reds .
  14. EpicHam

    Eye Gallery

    As do all laser hobbyists will know. SAFETY FIRST. And safety all starts from the eye. Besides from allowing us to see? Have you realized how beautiful the eye is? And what is a beauty if you don't share em? HERE WE GOOOOO!
  15. EpicHam

    PLAY NOW: Heart Attack Generator

    Hello. And welcome to the lair of darkness. Today I bring you . The maker of nightmare . If you have any history of heart disease , stroke , seizure or any sort of disease. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU TO CLICK BACK and DO NOT READ ON. Go on. I'll wait . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...
  16. EpicHam

    BOINC -DONATE NOW: Your computing power

    BOINC The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is an open source middleware system for volunteer and grid computing. It is designed to support the SETI@home project where it analyze extraterrestrial signals and search for signs of intelligence life ,solving conjectures...
  17. EpicHam

    TEMPLATE : Laser Review

    Hello everyone , Hammy here, just dropping by with a little suggestion to how reviews can be done. Its by no mean authoritative ,just sharing with the community how I do my reviews. The template below is based on the CNI laser review I did earlier...
  18. EpicHam

    Lasers and URANIUM 235!

    So... not sure if this is the best place to post but I just bought some uranium ore off the internet , VERY low concentration of uranium 235tho.. Its in a vial .... just sitting there at the moment and I'm wondering What can I do with them other than just .. look at them? Suddenly, a thought...
  19. EpicHam

    Asian Pics

    As the resident asian on the forum I guess I'll show you all a bit about.... modern asia and its YOUTH. See it yet? Well guess what.... those are all DUDES!!!! Next picture. Look at this couple. Now guess what.... THE ONE ON THE RIGHT IS A DUDEEEE!! The left one is the CHICK...
  20. EpicHam

    Consider my mind BOGGLED!

    /uSmpGxIQcPk After watching that video... I think I need an adult :cryyy: I want to have my own lasershow.. but 1 thing keep on standing in my way. KNOWLEDGE I'm pretty much CLUELESS when it comes to lasers , and when it comes to laser projectors , you can cave my head in with a club and...