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  1. ChrisWhit

    Just a 635nm Striker/Saber beamshot

    So, I received my lovely 1 watt Sanwu 635nm(bright red) Striker/Saber today! Really nice jewel of a red laser. This one has the magnetic dimmer switch and magnetic mode ring. This is my first actual red handheld laser beyond just the ole' cat pointer that still actually works. The power is...
  2. ChrisWhit

    N465 diode?

    A while ago, when this diode(N465)(Nichia? )came out, it was thought to be the next thing beyond the NUBM07E in laser hobbyist terms. I followed all the threads and the exhaustive research about how the high powered blue open canned diodes don't like life that much and eventually die a...
  3. ChrisWhit

    looking for decent 26350s

    I've been looking all over for a decent pair of apparently oddball sized 26350 batteries. All I can find is off brands I've never heard of. I've found Unitek, Imalent, .. I think I saw an AWT, Typhon, BPN, ZX Batteries, and ICR.. any of these any good?
  4. ChrisWhit

    Spiker 465nm beamshots

    Just some random 465nm 4watt 3x beam expanded beauty:
  5. ChrisWhit

    View from aircraft

    As we were coming to the "final decent" approaching the airport, I couldn't help but to contemplate and imagine. "I'm in the air on the other side of the fence, about where I always see planes fly over coming out of a cloud or treeline." My curiosity is I wonder what this 5watt 445nm laser...
  6. ChrisWhit

    Sanwu Spiker case positive?

    Good news: I Just received my new Sanwu Spiker 445nm 5 watt laser. Bad news: I'm not absolutely sure which way the batteries go. I would imagine the standard (+) to tail cap.. But, I wouldn't wanna just guess. Anyone know?
  7. ChrisWhit

    What's the purpose of infrared handheld?

    I realize that infrared wavelengths are used in the medical field and industry. I see really nice handhelds that are infrared and people buy them. But I can't understand why. I mean they don't really do all the "handheld" things except burn skin
  8. ChrisWhit

    Jetlaser Ple Pro 465nm

    I don't know if Gray really wants me to blab about it, but I think he sent me a jewel here. We did some back and forth through email and talked about various things. He never said he would actually modify the standard "465nm" he builds but I think he may have put a little more sauce into this...
  9. ChrisWhit

    Hello from Lithia Springs Ga

    Hi all I bought my first laser pointer a couple of years ago. It was one of those little red ones you point around and play with a cat. My cat had gotten bored with it after a while since she could never actually catch it... etc. So, just messing around with the little 650nm 5mw pointer, I was...