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  1. Kizdawg

    TEC cooled 9mm BigBoy build in progress.

    Ok well I have played enough with these tec's I think I have a build going to come through. I have no idea if this will all work out or not and this is just a project I am working on. If anyone wants to input I would appreciate it. So I baought a set of 5 Marlow industry tec coolers there...
  2. Kizdawg

    First crystal set.

    Well I got my first sets of crystals today to make a 532nm laser. I have been reading posts about this for a while so I did not have my hopes up for anything. In the end I think the results are quite good so far.. The first crystals were mounted on a small brass heatsink. This was a very...
  3. Kizdawg

    BigBoy 450!

    Well this guy weighs in at 1.25 Lbs... 1700mw The host came from the recent group buy Ryansoh3 set up. Euda made the heatsinks and focus adapters. I used a 1650ma FMT driver a PLTB450 diode and G2Lens from DTR and some 18650 3400mAh Panasonic batteries from Larry. I started with a copper...
  4. Kizdawg

    New 450 build

    Well I had another tough go at this one. It started with me forgetting that the heatsink diameter needed to be shaved down a bit to fit so when I went to put it all together the sink got stuck in the barrel and when I tried to remove it it hit the floor and ripped the diode out of the module...
  5. Kizdawg

    2.9W saik..

    I know it's old but I finally have a driver that will work for this 9mm 445.. and this is one of the bigest mix mached lasers I have ever built and alot of people have had a part in it.. it started with a Mohgasm saik sa-305 heatsink (which left me alot of room on the back) to fill it up with...
  6. Kizdawg

    Is there some Simple threads 4 optics?

    Hey I love what you guy's/Gals are doing for optics but I really dont understand it all that well... Is there some good threads I could read that would help me understand the leses and coatings and stuff that is not so in deapth? I just want to start with a basic understanding and then take it...
  7. Kizdawg

    638 Mits 110 Singlemode ML520G54

    Here is my new mits 110 singlemode build in an Aurara SH 035 with extention and a mogasm 159ma linear driver. Thaught I would share it with ya. This was a fairly difficult build mainly due to my driver choice but it is what I had on hand. I had to drill out the pill and extend the module...
  8. Kizdawg

    OK Kall me Crazzy but Water cooled hanheld???

    So I may have a wattercooling option for all you fan freaks...! I hate noise! If you have some knowledge on watercooling we can connect a waterblock for diodes easily.. cut on the dotted line...
  9. Kizdawg

    What do we tell our Wives!

    Hey all, When the wife sits through it all etc etc and asks in the end "And what is it all for?" I really need a good excuse here!!! I'd love to hear any suggestions!
  10. Kizdawg

    Dead Li Ion Garbage or?

    Are dead Li Ion batteries safe to throw in the trash if there dead or should I find other methods of disposing of them? Dont want to scorch the earth...
  11. Kizdawg

    Heat Sink Compound?

    Well I searched and searched and could not find any tutorials on the use of heat sink thermal compound. I have been building computers for 25 years and have allway's used a thermal compund of some sort in the build (Arctic Silver for the most part). So I just got my copper 5.6mm ax mounts...
  12. Kizdawg


    Hey all I'm new here been reading for weeks(we all have I'm sure) I got my first laser diode working today it's a 9mm 808nm ebay auction special I could post pics but I wouldnt want to bore you! It burns I'm Happy. What I dont really understand is batteries and input voltages into...